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Things I don’t do.


Workout – yet to happen, but so far I’ve gone up and down this flight of stairs about 800 times, does that count???  checking on the kidlings below…

6am is a great time of day for arts and crafts. never too early for that kind of fun.

I know you guys are thinking, “wow, she does everything!  She cleans, and cooks…


Gives birth to adorable children,

look at that cute little nugget. you could just eat her.

looks like a superstar ALL the time…

i'd like to introduce you to the vein on my forehead and the nose that didn't get the memo that I stopped growing about 10 years ago. watch out people. this look will be hitting the red carpet soon. complete with bed hair and yesterdays makeup smudged all over the face. classy.

I’ll make you feel better.  Let me share with you what I don’t do.  Little secret.  Iron clothes. 

this wrinkle resistant is a scam. they were only sitting in the laundry basket piled in a ball for two days.

I really feel bad for my husband who keeps buying the wrinkle resistan/iron free shirts thinking they will actually be that way when they come out of the dryer.  When he finds one that really does, maybe he can find a bathroom that actually cleans itself too. 

I knew that would make you feel better. 

On to more important things.  Why did I just sign up for TWO more marathons.  this year.  bringing the total count now to 4.  that’s a lot.  for me. 

My sister instigated the country music marathon.  Ok, well I instigated her to do it and she instigated me to join her.  twist my arm.  now I must go to nashville.  to run.  and listen to country music.  I LOVE country music.  Love it.  Love it.  Get the picture. 

Next we have NYC marathon.  Which really is a must do for a marathoner.  That’s what I hear anyway.  I supposedly have guaranteed entry this year based on my marathon times.  I’ll believe it when I see it in April.  So I better do it, right???   That’s what I thought.  Very good logic.  If I can do, I must do. 

Now I guess I better get some sort of training plan together.  This scares me.  I’ve never done a training plan, but with all this running coming up, I think it might be a necessity. 

So, if anyone has any input on good training plans – PLEASE, DO SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE!!!:)

Do you follow a formal training plan for races?

Do you like to iron your clothes?  I know, crazy question, but I think some people actually DO like to iron.  I don’t get it. 

What’s on tap for the workout today?