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Getting Ready to Go…


Wardrobe Ready

iphone pics 641

Fueling Up

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looks so yummy…

bagels, bagels and more bagels

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Snacks for Kids…makes for a happy race day

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Snacks for Mama

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magic powders and pills.  they give me super powers.  lets not talk about the amount of horse pills and supplements in that bag….except to say that it’s not for a single serving…and it’s naturopath approved  😉  the little baggy to the left is my breakfast, if I can hunt down some hot water in the morning – oatmeal/chia seeds/protein powder – and Go Lean bar as back up.  I also need to hunt down some iced coffee for the am…I don’t like it hot


iphone pics 642

while trying to look normal.  tough for me.  all hidden under real clothes.  makes for an interesting and long bathroom trip.


I’m going to hunt down the ice machine at the hotel and chill my shins and knees tonight.  and get reacquainted with the massage stick.  and relax.

It’s a run.  It’s a race.  I love to do both.  I’m going to give it all I’ve got, but I’m going to have fun.  I’m going to REALLY love getting out there and running.

Gansett Marathon is a qualifying only race, harder than Boston’s qualifying times.  Running a qualifying time is the only way to get into this race.  It’s small.  It’s fast.  I like small.  I like fast.  as long as I’m fast.


Do you have a particular pre-race meal?

Iced coffee, hot coffee, tea?

I hope everyone has a great running and racing weekend!!! 

Chat with you cool kids on Sunday!

I can write good and supplements


Workout6 miles gym treadmill, and weights.  NOT FLAT!!!  (not talking about my chest.  that’s still totally flat) HOOOORAY for muah.  alternated 2, 3 & 4% incline each mile.  I really would like to know what a 2% incline hill looks like though.  because it doesn’t seem like much on the treadmill.  I cut my run 2 miles short to give myself time for weights.  I was craving a strength workout.  like I crave chocolate.  or iced coffee.  or a steal at TJ Maxx.  really, I do.  I was happy I did the strength.  two days in a row.  go me.  I stand by my theory that strength training is superbeneficial in running strength, speed and endurance.  It stresses me out a little bit when I go days without getting any weights in.  just a little.   

Glad to be back in the game today.  I was a lazy bum yesterday morning and didn’t get up to go to the gym.  which added insult to injury from the gluttony I might have partook (pretty sure this isn’t a word in the english language – sounds good to me though, I think it should be) in the night before.  sorry body.  I might have shed a tear this morning when the alarm went off.  but I pulled through and got the run in.  I knew it would be better for everybody within a 10 mile radius if I did.  It was almost easier when #3 wasn’t sleeping past 4am to get up and workout, because it forced me to get up and get going – or else I would have to hang out with crazy toddler from 4am on.  that’s worse than running at 5am.

I had some kindergarten homework.  This kindergarten stuff is no joke.  I need a personal assistant to help get my kid through kindergarten.  I, being the responsible parent, was requested to make flashcards to help our little five year old learn her “sight” words so she can read.  I say reading is overrated.  And I guess her teacher was not aware that I exercised through my pregnancy, so it’s a given that she will be a child genius and doesn’t need to do extra learning at home.   But I obliged and made the flashcards.  

here are a few I am particularly proud of. I'm available for hire. I can do wedding invites. birthday invites. I only do "kindergarten" font.

I suprised myself with how remarkably neat my penmanship is.  when my child’s literacy is on the line, I do not fail to perform. 

Ok.  moving on.  Now that you know I can spell and write at least at a kindergarten level, lets talk about supplements and vitamins that I like to take on a daily basis.  I’ve been saying I am going to do this post for awhile now.  at the risk of being all talk and no write, here’s the lineup:

1.  Omega 3’s – anything gummy and covered in sugar makes it on my list. 

2. Gummy Multivitamin – I’m a complete child and won’t take them unless they are gummy.  same with the aforementioned omega’s.  make them gummy and they’ll end up in my tummy.  couldn’t resist that one.  nerd. 

3.  Tonalin CLA – I came across these from the book, This is why you’re Fat (and how to get thin Forever) by Jackie Warner.  It’s conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil.  It promotes fat loss and muscle building.  Thought it would be a good thing to have in the lineup. 

4.  Esterified Vitamin C – also suggested from reading the book above.  If someone who has an 8 pack and her own book and fitness dvd’s recommends it, I think I’ll get it and take it. 

5. MSM – Joint health.  When I went to order this, I found that it is often paired with glucosamine chondroitin.  I don’t take that, so I bought this separately. 

I just got this one. I haven't started taking it yet. but plan on it soon. will let you know if amazing things start happening.

6.  Natural calm Magnesium –  I am a stay at home mom to three children ages 2-5.  Anything that has “calm” in the description should probably be a part of my day.  and my mom told me to take it.  I listen to my mom. 

7.  Beta Alanine – this is basically to help with muscle fatigue and lactic acid buildup in the muscles.  I read that you can build it up in your system over the course of months.  So taking it on a daily basis is a good thing, so that by the time you have a race or a long run, it is in your system.

that packaging is a little frightening to me - but the product is good. trust me.

8.  Acidopholus – no picture, probiotic.  I don’t drink milk or eat dairy regularly, this is a good one to take.  keeps the gut happy.   I don’t want an angry gut.  I don’t like that word gut.  add it to the list of words never to use again. 

9. Plantfusion.  We’ve talked about this one

I will do some of my food essentials in another post – but these are just a couple that I must have every day in order to be a normal human being

1.  Coffee.  no more needs to be said about that.  coffee actually has some great health benefits.  look ’em up.  

2.  Dark chocolate.  I’m glad I don’t care for milk chocolate.  I can use the antioxidant excuse for consuming dark chocolate for breakfast.  the darker the better. 

I didn’t go into great detail about any of these things – but there is a plethora of information on the world wide web if you use the fantastic google and search.   

I took the kiddos on a field trip to Trader Joes today.  They’ve been good this week, so I thought I would go grocery shopping and feed them.  I’m a good mom.  I go above and beyond.  I will share with you some fun things I found.  tomorrow.  I have little monkeys climbing all over me now.  and I have a date with a BF from VT tonight in Northampton.  can’t wait.  wine and dine without the chickadees. 

What are some vitamins/supplements that you like to take?

Dark chocolate or milk?

Do you have good handwriting, or barely legible?