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That Was Painlessly Productive…and I saved $20


Workout – 50 minutes stairmaster.  moderate/high intensity.  I’m going to do it.  I’m going to go to the track tonight and run.  you can’t stop me (the lacrosse kids might stop me, but I’m hopeful that they haven’t overtaken the track tonight) It may not be wise.  It may not be beneficial to anything training related.  but I’m going to do it.  and I’m going to have my husband and three kids with me, so it may not even be a productive run, but something will happen.  and my little heart will be singing happy running songs again.  for tonight.  the main reason I pick the track is because it is really easy on the legs.  like super easy.  so much cushion.  and I will wear my mizuno waverider 15’s to make it even more lovely.  definitely staying off the roads for now.

I’ve had a very productive day so far.  let me be clear on one thing.  my definition of productive has changed drastically since I have had children.  I consider any day a productive success if it includes a workout, a shower, a healthilicious and delicious breakfast for the kids (because all other meals tend to go down the crapper as the day goes on, I can generally get them to eat a good breakfast, and snacks.  case in point today – lunch may have been Target popcorn and tcby froyo.  don’t judge), getting laundry done, and utilizing some of the patience I have left for the kids to keep everyone happy.  we are on day 5 of vacation.  the patient tank is getting low. 

I get extra productivity points and my day gets bumped into the super-productive category for things like the following:

+1 point, taking 3 kids to renew my license at AAA.  no need to go to DMV.  this was so much less painful than I thought it would be.  Luke actually sat in the stroller.  no children jumped in the picture.  and the picture didn’t come out too badly.  and I didn’t have to pay the $20 late fee because I actually did it on time.  that counts for another +1 productivity point.

Which one is the new one?  (I was pregnant with #1 in the old one, 6 years ago, I was only 24!!!  I retained every ounce of fluid that entered my body, hence the puffy face.  it only got worse.  not my most shining moment of beauty)

iphone pics 686

iphone pics 687

+3 points, for not only taking a shower but for washing the hair, drying the hair and applying makeup.  I had a AAA photo shoot today, of course I had to look my best.

+15 points, dragging the kids into Target and coming out having spent less than $200, and having avoided the dollar trap on the way in.  I love Target.  where I can get almond milk for $2.99 as well as little frocks for mother and child.  fantastic.  I need to start working on my spring/summer wardrobe.  please don’t comment on your opinion of that little blouse to the right unless you think it’s adorable and trendy.  I’m well aware my fashion skills are lacking.  but I happened to like this one.  whether it’s in style or not, I don’t really care. A for effort.

iphone pics 683 


+1 point, hitting up TCBY for frozen yogurt on the way home to meet Jeannie.  We actually missed each other, but she came back to chat for a minute.  until the 6 kids between the two of us started losing it in the closet sized TCBY.  I kid not.  I think most walk in closets are bigger than this TCBY.  thanks for meeting up for a minute, Jeannie!!!  So nice to actually meet you!

iphone pics 678

that child is far too happy to be eating his froyo.  good times luke.

iphone pics 679

sorry anna.  you didn’t make the cut for this pic.  we’ll catch ya next time.  I think my A girl is sad because I only let her get 15 toppings this time instead of the usual 18.  and it cost me more than I spent at Target.

+500 points, getting it all done before noon.  it’s like there’s a whole ‘nother day left to do so much more productively fun things.

Looks like I fall into the super-productive category for today.  what is my reward?  do it all again tomorrow.  try to rack up the points again.

I’m back in the “there is so much to do around this house, I don’t know where to begin mindset”.  which brings me back to, “just pick one thing to do and if that’s all that gets done – fabulous” frame of mind.  and it makes for a pretty productive week. 

I’m going to make a liar out of myself and talk about the recovery topic that I mentioned in my post yesterday, because I’m doing so much of it lately and I think it’s important, even if you are not injured.  the one I said I probably wouldn’t do until next week, or next month, or anytime soon.  well, it’s that productive kind of day, so here’s a little tidbit about a little TLC for your running body.  courtesy of this little magazine that ended up in my mailbox…

iphone pics 664

if they are trying to sucker me into subscribing to some trail version of their mag, it may have worked.  I enjoyed reading this. I found a lot of good info.  my husband is of the trail running breed – he does the 100 mile trail ultra’s and I have a 50 mile trail race on my agenda for the fall.  I should get acquainted with trail lingo.

This particular article from Runner’s World Trail caught my eye – for trail runners and road runners alike – and I was happy to see that I’ve been doing much of what it talks about…

iphone pics 666

Here is what they say to do to RECOVER the right way:

1.  Compress yourself.  HELLO!  I love to do this.  Here is what they say, “after a workout, metabolic waste begins to pool in your feet and your legs, causing swelling and soreness.  Squeeze the harmful fluids from your extremities by throwing on some compression socks…”  perfect. 

2. Be Kneady.  use a tiger tail or foam roller to massage the muscles.  it helps oxygen rich blood to flow to those areas to help damaged tissue heal faster. 

3. Step it Up.  Particular more to trail runners, hop on the stairmaster to help flush waste from certain muscles that are used and abused more so in trail running.  I also think the stairmaster is a great crosstraining exercise for running in general.  I used it a lot last fall.

4. Don’t stretch, do yoga.  I found this interesting.  They say yoga is great because it engages certain muscles while stretching others.  Static stretching does not produce such reductions in soreness as dynamic stretching or yoga would.   I did a lot of the P90X yoga last fall. I loved it and felt great.

5. Refuel with a Shake.  They say you have a 30 minute window after a run to shut down the stress responses of exercise.  This can be done by refueling with a protein/carb snack.  Something like almond/rice milk with protein powder, dark chocolate powder, dried oats and berries is a great shake.  In addition to sipping on liquids for 3 hours after a run.  Water with a pinch of salt and lemon as you need sodium to properly help your body absorb the water.  Perfect.  I love shakes.  I like to use Plant Fusion protein powder.  It’s awesome.

6. Take a cold bath.  it is believed to decrease inflammation by causing the muscles to contract, which pumps out metabolic waste.  the article says to avoid a hot tub as the hot water will only inflame the muscles more making you sorer and sluggish.

7. Get a good night’s sleep.  The more you sleep, the more the muscles repair.  A study done by University of Chicago’s Eve Van Cauter noted that individuals who get too little sleep metabolize glucose less efficiently, which may impair recovery.


What do you consider a productive day?

Do you do any of those things in the article?

Do you make protein shakes?  With what?


Stick a fork in me



16 miles on the treadmill.  1 hr 58 minutes.  varying speed and incline.  this run was so all over the place, I don’t even know where to begin.  I made the bright decision to take it to the tread today.  the weather was just atrocious for outdoor running.  sunny, beautiful, 45 degrees.  CT in January.  my goodness.  who the heck wants to run outside in that?  not me.  that’s for darn sure.  that sounds like pure torture.  running inside on the treadmill for 16 miles is a MUCH smarter, funner (it is a word when you live with little people), happier way to run. 

ok.  I did have good reason to run on the treadmill.  it was a little bit chilly outside.  not buying that one?  how about this.  I had already put it in my head that I was going to do the 16 on the treadmill.  then the weather decided to cooperate.  but my mind was set.  and it’s hard to change this lady’s mind once it’s set on something.  another reason…I’ve been doing most of my running on the treadmill.  switching gears for me is a very hard thing to do.  keeping it on the treadmill gear was just fine.  #3 reason was that I wanted to listen to music.  I’m just starting to enjoy some country pandora while I run, and I’m not comfortable actually holding the iPhone while I run outside, when I can just put it on the treadmill, inside.  (after listening to country for 2 hours – I’ve learned you can solve all the world’s problems with an ice cold beer, and an old pickup truck.  maybe a girl in a red dress.  easy peasy)  #4, same thing with my agua.  I wanted to drink it while I ran, but did not want to actually hold the bottle.  treadmill is good for something again.  treadmill it was.

Miles 1-6, 8mph, 1% incline and alternated 4%, 5%, 6% incline for the last 1/4 mile of every mile. 

Miles 7-16, 8mph-8.5mph, 1-2% incline.

For reference, running 16 miles on a treadmill is about as boring as watching paint dry.  or copying the dictionary.  take that back.  copying the dictionary is way more fun and entertaining.  

no smiles. get me outta this gym.

My stoic look after running for 2 hours on the treadmill.  where am I?  how did I get here?  how do I get home? 

I’m pretty sure people were looking at me funny.  The treadmill only goes for 60 minutes.  then I switched treadmills and started her up again.  Has anyone done a really long run on a treadmill and felt like people were staring like get this girl a doctor she has clearly lost her mind.  can’t wait until I do 20 on the treadmill and have to restart it twice:-) that’ll be fun. 

I actually felt great, physically.  my legs were good.  my knees were good.  the only thing that wasn’t great was my stomach.  whatever I had eaten way too close to my run beforehand was definitley not digested and kept trying to make an appearance for the first 10 miles.  then is finally settled.  like a rock in my colon.  that was equally not fun. and I just decided I do not like that word colon.  kind of like the word moist.  won’t use that again. weird.  moving on.    

I was most excited to see these two things when I got home – my red sweatshirt, nice and clean.  and my iced coffee.  awwwww.  so good.  I’m always excited to jump into my sweats when I get home.  but I’m super flipping excited to do it after a long workout.  and a nice shower. 

somehow I lost my pointer finger. not sure what happened to it. nothing easy about taking a picture AND holding a cup. casualties happen.

the tough thing about coming home to 3 kids after running 16 miles, is that you are coming home to 3 kids after running 16 miles.  I guess ideally, I would love to make myself some nice food, like a salad or something, and sit for a minute.  or at least think for a minute about what I would like to do.  nope.  those 3 kids need to eat IMMEDIATELY.  and they need a diaper change IMMEDIATELY.  and they need to cut and glue and staple every piece of paper IMMEDIATELY, and put on a ballet show and sing and dance as soon as I walk in the door.  I grab wildly at whatever food I can find.  don’t care if it’s crusty pb&j from lunch 3 hours ago.  just feed me.  something.  then I get the shower and the nice cozy clothes.  ahhhhh.

I took the girls on a no boys allowed they have cooties dinner (Luke was sleeping and Davey was more than happy to watch a movie in a quiet house for an hour) to Chipotle.  I had an intense craving for Chipotle and heads would roll if I didn’t get there.  we got there and I made the poor decision of adding carnitas to my burrito bowl.  why would I do that?  I don’t even know what carnitas is.  I would have been perfectly happy with my usual beans and rice veggie bowl.  It must have been all that protein talk earlier in the day the got me all confused and feeling like I had to add meat to my veggie bowl.  I had to ask the guy what it was at the checkout. turns out it’s some sort of pulled pork.  maybe I should have asked before I requested it for dinner.  not going to do that again.  veggies please. 

those carnitas are hiding under there waiting to disappoint my Chipotle meal. I will eat you anyway and pretend to enjoy it.

The girls were happy with their bean, rice, quesedilla dinner.  they were happier with their “spicy water” – aka club soda to normal folk. 

will you please stop taking pictures of me and let me just eat my rice and beans. please. mom. gosh. so annoying.

she always looks guilty. I think she's smuggling chips. or spicy water. can't be sure.

And I thought it would be fun and exciting to sugar the kids up before bed.  WHO WANTS TO GO TO TCBY?!?!  ok ok.  we’ll go.

sorry, Alex. only part of your face was cool enough to be a part of this picture. catch ya next time.

that's my spoon in the cup. I thought he would share with me. it's not very fun to share with a 2 year old. getting my own next time.

Luke went after that froyo like it was the last cup of froyo on earth.  Not even sure what ended up in that cup.  trying to get 3 kids through a self serve froyo line – not as easy peasy lemon squeezy as you think.  I apologize to everyone who was behind us in line.  I did my best to keep their precious little fingers out of the cookie dough and strawberries.  I’m confident they didn’t sneeze or cough on the goods.  that I can tell you.  but I’m only human. 

and that’s all she wrote!  ’twas a  good day.  any day that ends with frozen yogurt must be a good day.  Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.  yeehaw. 

What’s  your favorite frozen yogurt place/and topping?

I like TCBY, but it’s not the same as when I was a kid.  I’m so excited friends of ours are opening a new FroYo place in my town called SweetFrogs – anyone heard of that?  I got the cake batter tonight – did not enjoy it.  So I kept steeling bites of Anna’s chocolate.  she didn’t like that.    

What is your favorite food after a long run/hard workout?

Is everyone relaxing on Sunday, or is it a long run/workout kind of a day?