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XT and quality over quantity


Workout – my XT of choice tonight was the Stairmaster.  there really was no choice. that’s the only other equiptment I have in the house, other than the treadmill.  and we all know that wouldn’t be cross-training, don’t we.  glad you are paying attention. 

look at those beauties. i love my stairmaster. best ebay find ever.

The furnace was off, so I wasn’t stripped of every ounce of water in my body.  Normally, I curse the evening workout that doesn’t happen if it hasn’t happened before dinner.  but because I have this fantabulous new regiment to follow, I bopped my little hiney downstairs and got to steppin’.  I welcomed it with open arms because it was a short day, turned long day, turned get these kids to bed ASAP DAY. (all kids in bed by 6:30 tonight – no that’s not child abuse.  the rule is that if they have been awake for 12 hours or more, it is necessary to put them to bed.  my rule.  feel free to borrow it) 

Here’s a little insight into how the day had progressed:

Cute little fashionistas by morning….


my poor son. trying to be like his sisters. I worry for him sometimes.

Turned scary basement dwellers by dinner….

photo of gremlin #2, courtesy of gremlin #1. gremlin #3 was probably plotting to take me down.

That’s rated R scary.  you would put that to bed asap too.  you don’t want that hanging out in your basement. 
(please disregard the hideous basement.  my hubs would kill me, or sick one of those kids on me if he knew I put a picture up like this.  little rough around the edges down there.)
So, quick recep of past 24hrs (that you have anxiously been waiting for) – foam rolled last night – GLORIOUS.  Thought my ITband was going to pop right out of my leg.  beyond tight.  If you don’t have a foam roller, get one.  I don’t care if you sit on your bum all day. you can sit on this.  they are fantastic.  and I’ve found a couple more uses for them:
#1 – banana boat
#2 – daybed for watching TV

maxin' and relaxin'. tough life of a 4 year old.

hope that’s helpful. 
This morning I went into my daughter’s kindergarten class – I have the “visitor” sticker to prove it.   


I don’t just say these things to make you think I am the perfect mother that is 100% involved in each of my children’s lives.  you can’t just get this sticker anywhere.  you do have to visit the school and get it from the lady sitting at the table at the door.  I’m sure she has a lovely name, I just never remember to ask.  so rude, I know.  to make you feel even better about me as a person (did I just write that?), I’m also room mom for my little ‘gartner.  it’s as close as I’ll ever get to being a celebrity.  let me have my 15 minutes.
Fast forward. yadda yadda.  more school.  dance class.  be completely unproductive at home.  cook dinner.  fold laundry.  workout.  and now I’m here with you explaining reason #2 why I’ve seen the light for using a race training plan.  instead of reinventing the wheel.  by myself.  and why everyone should do a plan.  now. 
#1 reason was because it takes the figure out of figuring out what workout to do.  easy peasey lemon squeezy.  definitely stole that phrase from my 5 year old.  plenty more where that came from.  watch out. 
#2 is because it turns my workouts into QUALITY, productive workouts that are going to get me to my goal.  that’s the plan anyway.  phenomenal.  (you might want to spell check that word.  I’m not great with the long ones;))
Right now, there’s a lot of QUANTITY going on, not necessarily a lot of quality.  because I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK I’M DOING.  like I’ve said before.  I just kind of roll with the punches.  well no more rolling with the punches my friends.  I’m working out and I’m making it count.  because runner’s world tells me I am.  This plan has me taking 2 rest days if I want!  holy moly!  normally I would bust my butt 6 days a week.  Instead, I can really bust my butt with quality workouts and take those 2 days to really rest and recover.  less chance to injure my aging body.  mind blowing stuff here.
Tomorrow’s edition of “Katie’s 2 cents on everything running related because she’s been running so long she’s basically a pro. or no where close” will be on the #3 reason training plans are the bees knees and my transcendental thoughts on setting goals.  Tune in.  sweet dreams little chickadees. 

PS – There’s a great article over at a blog I like to read – HungryRunnerGirl <—- check it out there, about base building in running.  muy interesante.  go read.  whether you are a beginner and have little goals, quite an exprienced runner with big goals, or even if you have no goals  (you should set some, like yesterday), its got some good info.

Goals, people – I want to hear them:

What was for dinner tonight?


Hug ME….then go buy me a Coach bag


Workout – according to the plan, XT day.  I figured it out, that means cross-training, which means something other than running.  (ok, before you lovely people start to think I’m a complete idiot, I did know what that meant, didn’t have to google that one.  and I do have a four year degree.  from an accredited University.  I am smart.)  I will do this workout tonight – it’s busy day Tuesday here today.  no time for workin’ it this am.   

You are probably wondering how I keep everybody happy and jolly in this cozy house.  You probably weren’t wondering that, but now that I said it, you are.  I like to think we have a pretty happy house, full of happy thoughts and rainbow kisses.  all the time.  moms control things like that.  I used to not believe it.  I’m a believer now.  this is how I do it.  called subliminal messaging.  I make ALL the meals in this house, from breakfast to dinner and everything in between.  I started serving meals on plates like these

very classy, melamine-ware. nothing but the best

By the time they are done eating, and have been staring at “hug me”, they all feel like giving out happy hugs and lots of love.  I also have “I love you” and  “kiss me”.  When things get really rough and I’m having a bad day, I pull out the big guns.  I have ones reserved for my hubby that say something like, “you should go to a really nice store that starts with C and ends with CH and rhymes with roach and buy your wife a bag”  that one worked.  here it is. 

so shiny. i like shiny things.

that might have been my Christmas present and had nothing to do with my sneaky messages.  But for my kids, I have ones like, “cleaning your room is super duper fun”.  I’ll know my hubby is catching onto my scheme when he starts offering to make dinner and giving me plates that say, “it’s really important for the family to have a new all terrain vehicle.  for the safety and amusement of our children” or “your car would like a little TLC once in awhile so I don’t have to spend 3 hours on a saturday cleaning it out.”  subliminal.     

Off to cart children to school and dance.  Tonight I will give you the #2 reason I am newly in love with a training plan.  and I’ll share all about our super fun busy day today, because I’m sure you are wondering about that, too.  🙂

I’ll leave you with this subliminal message – I like it.  it’s on my fridge, courtesy of my awesome mama.