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Back at it…for today


I took a break from my break from running this week and did my planned workout – only because it was speedwork day.  Is it weird that I actually look forward to that run? 

Workout – gym treadmill.  flat.  2 mile warmup @ 7:30 min/mile, 4 x 1600’s @ 6:00 min/mile with 800 meter recovery jogs @ 7:30 min/mile.  8 miles total.  54 min.  This was the best workout I’ve had in probably two weeks.  I felt awesome and strong and beautiful and smart and funny like I was superwoman and I could save the world and then go run a marathon.  all at 6am.  true.  running does that.  just me?  whatever.  it was a great run.  and I was super sore from my two days of Jillian/strength training.  I like speedwork because I really feel like I’m accomplishing something towards my goal of getting faster.  It feels like hard work, and I like that. 

ran in my spiffy new pants. they stayed in place. sign of a good pair of leggings. I do have other gym shirts, that one seems to be the favorite of the week. or two..

Enter reality when I get home.  turns out I’m not superwoman, awesome or funny.  smart and beautiful stick with me wherever I am.  and I have to feed hungry children, change dirty diapers, think about what to make for dinner at 7 am, do laundry…and forget about my dreams of winning the olympic marathon.  until the next speedwork day:-)

Rewind to last night – New recipe #2 for the week courtesy of Food Network – I made for dinner last night. 


this is what cooking dinner with 3 kids looks like. Luke is in charge of the steaming hot pot of boiling vegetables. he'll only burn himself once. then he'll learn.

The following conversation at the dinner table tells me how good it was :

Alexandra:  “Mom, this is sooooo good.  What day is today?”

Me:  “Thank you my little love nugget, today happens to be Tuesday, why do you ask?”

Alexandra:  “You should make this dinner every single Tuesday.  every week.  every week that has a Tuesday, you should make this.  It is so good.  I’m going to eat this whole bowl”

Anna:  “Oh yeah, you should make this every Tuesday.  It is so good.  I’m going to eat this whole bowl.”

Sometimes I wonder if poor Anna ever has an original thought in her head.  I guess it’s easier to just copy the person who spoke before you anyway.  Maybe she’s on to something. 

I guess it was good.  It was a veggie pot pie – my theory is that anything is good if you wrap it in pie crust.  just a theory. 

I think this is my best food picture yet. quit while I'm ahead?

I wanted a vegetarian version, so I googled “vegetarian pot pie” – pretty creative.  the recipe I used was the first one that came up and it got good ratings.   it was pretty flavorful, and didn’t taste like your typical pot pie because it had things like fennel and parsley and chives in it.  Yum.  I would make it again.  I made my normal changes like I do to every recipe.  for some reason I always feel like I can make a recipe better so I subsitute things and omit things at my leisure.  and then wonder why it usually doesn’t turn out right.  gamble paid off last night.  turned out good.  add it to the book ‘o recipes!

We finished off the evening with a mean game of hide and seek with the kids.  my husband had the kids going.  the fun thing about playing hide and seek with a 2, 4 and 5  year old is that you can hide in front of their faces and they probably won’t find you.  the best spot he had was laying flat on Alexandra’s bed.  It took them 20 minutes to find him, and I had to help them.  In the words of my oh so dramatic 5 year old, she liked hide and seek as much as she liked dinner – “this is the best night ever!!!  we should do this every Tuesday night!!!”  ok sweetheart.  if that’s all it takes to make you happy.  pot pie and hide and seek.  pretty sure Mommy and Daddy can handle that one. 

Davey and I tried to sit and watch Biggest Loser.  I couldn’t really get into it last night.  I haven’t been watching it regularly – but I haven’t really been clicking with the contestants the past couple of seasons.  I miss the Jillian/Bob combo.  But, I do LOVE to watch the workouts they do.  geek.  and I love bob. 

More later, on Target fun and more new recipes! 

What was your favorite game to play as a kid?

Do you watch BL?  Who is your favorite contestant?  Are you into other reality TV? 



Are you having a baby?


Workout – Treadmill 7 mile tempo run. 1 mile warmup, 5 mi @ 6:25, 1 mile cooldown – 47 min total.  please don’t ask me what “tempo” run means.  I was told, very intelligently, last week and I can’t be expected to remember it this week.  i have to make room for more important things like 2+2=4, my name is Katie, and don’t forget to pick your daughter up from school. 

I did my workout today on the gym treadmill.  My treadmill at home can’t be trusted with that kind of precise pace requirement.  That treadmill is reserved only for the i don’t care if my pace increases or decreases at any random moment run.  A few things clued me in that this probably wasn’t going to be running through a field of daisies kind of fun running. 

#1 – the pace for the day was 6:25, for 5 miles.  need I say more

#2 – I made the bad decision of going to bed later than 10:45 but earlier than 11

#3 – I had an evening workout yesterday.  meaning it had been less than 10 hours since my previous workout.  double trouble

#4 – my little person alarm clock had me up at 4am.  couldn’t snooze button that one away.  sad. 

way too happy to be alive

#5 – I’m not 100% sure how I got from my house to the gym at 5am, but I ended up there and had to peel myself out of my car once I got there. 

#6 – my 1 mile warmup felt like a full blown speedworkout run. 

I muscled through and made it 7 miles.  I was tempted to walk the cooldown, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what the plan meant by cooldown.  that smartcoach thing should really come with an instruction manual. 

in my most favorite running shorts. saved for special occasions. they don't end up at my armpits after a run. they stay on the hips like good shorts. must be my good birthing hips that keeps every running short from staying in place. except these. love.

Funny thing, when it was all done – I felt pretty good.  actually kind of felt like I had more energy to burn.  that’s why I love just going and getting the workout in, even when I am bone tired.  If I didn’t workout every time I was tired, I’d be 250 lbs depressed on my couch.  true.  I can think of a few people who wouldn’t be happy with that.  those endorphins really have the same effect as some sort of super strong antidepressants.  when used appropriately.  at least that’s what the doc tells me.

To top off my stellar morning, my little cherub greets me on my way in the door with, “your belly is big.  are you having a BABY or something???”  why no, my darling, I’m not having a baby.  but thank you for that wonderful observation you just made.  truth be told, it’s opposite day here today.  what she really meant was “mother, you look stunningly fit and fabulous.  how do you do it???”  that’s what she meant to say.  I know it.  I get free encouragement like that all the time.  kids are so cute.  But who would trust anything coming out of this mouth anyway? 

More later, my friends – on running, on goals, on life, on whatever I feel like talking about at the moment. 


The Plan


Workout – “Better than Nothing workout” Pretty self explanatory.  email me if you need an explanation.  but here’s a hint – it was better than doing nothing.   OUTSIDE run (yay for no treadmill today!), hilly,  5 miles – 34 min. 

The plan is to make a plan.  for training.  Like I’ve said before, this is new territory for me.  not so much a planner.  great procrastinator.  in all things I do.  basically my life revolves around my kids.  and my husband.  and then my running, and me.  I gave up 99% of my freedom (not in a bad way.  I don’t think;)) when I had my first child.  then came 2, then came 3.  So I’m probably at 99.9% freedom-less by now.  I don’t sleep when I want to sleep.  I don’t eat when I want to eat.  I don’t go to the bathroom by myself. I rarely take a peaceful shower without a child breaking into the bathroom, or jumping in the shower with me.  Naturally, I don’t always get the run/workouts in when and how I want to get them in.  Then add the hubs.  He wants to run too.  The nerve.  really.    

The best way to fix this, in my mind, is to actually make a plan for once.  novel ideas.  I might have an allergic reaction to this at first, but I think my body and mind will get used to it if I can stick with it.  So that instead of doing this in the evening,

one for each hand. super healthy snack choice.

I will be doing a little bit more of this

not making weird hand signals. running.

So that’s what I am going to try to do this week.  Make the plan.  I will work on sticking to it sometime in the future.  If there is to be a plan, procrastination will surely find it’s way in there somehow.  maybe I should make a plan to not procrastinate.  that’s way to much planning going on.  lets stick with training plan.  more effective.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.  It’s gonna be great.  Really great:)

And then I found this little guy on my back….I can’t seem to get him off.  He won’t leave me alone.  He must really like me or something.  maybe because I gave him a little thing called LIFE. 

he's a little green goblin. watch out. he'll wake you up at 4:45 and eat you alive. that super-sized forehead will eat you alive too.

Any good plans for the week??