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Winter Wonderland


Workout – total trash run today.  I threw it away.  had to just let it go.  and I was ok with that.  It just started making me feel really bad about how really bad the run was.  Was like I lost all ability to even run.  that bad. I made it 5 miles, 36 min. ish.  and it was torture.  onthe basement ancient mill.  and 25 min on stairmaster speed intervals.  here’s the thing – if your mind is not in the run, it makes it hard.  if your mind and your legs are not in the run, it makes it really hard.  If your mind and your legs are not in the run and your three kids are bouncing off the walls around you – give it up.  try again tomorrow.  what added to that was that I had it in my head that I really wanted to do 9 or 10, and it was supposed to be a speedwork day.  It was just a disaster from the start.  I really can only do the speedwork at the track, or the gym treadmill.  it doesn’t work for me at home.  lesson learned.  on we go. 

And we all know today is Wednesday – which did not fail to disappoint in it’s longevity, craziness (much like this post) and all around is it bedtime yet feeling.  But, much like Monday – there were actually a lot of good things about this Wednesday. 

For one, it was my daughter’s winter concert at school.  Which was kind of funny because it ended up being like 60 degrees out today and they were singing Frosty the Snowman and other crazy cold songs.  silliness.  those kindergartners. 

not sure whether to smile or cry. just smile sweetheart. it's just mommy.

Another really good thing is that today is day 3 of our cleanse.  We have moved past the cleanse drink and on to the shakes/salads.  yay.  we get to eat.  kind of.  in the form of blended shake food.  this is really fun.  so the other highlight of my day was getting this in the mail.  FINALLY.

handsome couple. I now have more pictures of me with food than with my family. I think.

PlantFusion Protein powder – Totally plant based!  These are the ingredients:

PlantFusion Amino Acid infused protein blend – Pea protein isolate, Artichoke protein, Organic Sprouted Grain Amaranth Powder and Organic Sprouted Quinoa Powder. <—— This is the new and improved formula – same nutrition information as on the label below.  

PlantFusion™ Infused
Proprietary Amino Acid Blend:
Providing 4,500 mg BCAAs (L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine and L-Valine) and 3,350 mg L- Glutamine

the details

My thoughts on the matter- I’ve already had TWO shakes with it, and the hubs had one.  You better believe I busted that thing right open and popped it in the blender.  I waste no time.  here’s what goes into my GREEN SMOOTHIE.  creature of consistency, so it never changes.  ever.  sometimes.

minus that whey protein. sub the plant protein. and you're golden.

1c. unsweetened almond milk
1/2c. frozen raspberries
2TBSP flaxseed
handful ice cubes
1 scoop protein powder
1/2 banana
Handful spinach – maybe 1cup?
1/2c water
Love at first drink.  LOVE.  This is in no way similar to a whey protein, but it’s pretty darn good.  It is very a very fine powder, but has a slightly gritty taste when it’s blended, like any other plant based protein, but not as bad as some of them I’ve tried.  This is probably the fourth one I’ve tried.  Hands down the best. 
My husband took the first drink of his shake, and said “wow, this is really good!”  He hasn’t really said that yet about any of the shakes I’ve made.  No, it didn’t have anything to do with the fact that he has been eating rabbit food and crazy cleanse drinks for 3 days.  he really did like it.  and I didn’t tell him I had switched the protein.   I call that a GREAT review.  This is a keeper.  and I’m so happy it’s plant based.   
I got it at Lucky Vitamin.  I think it was around $24 for 2 lbs.  this is more expensive than most whey proteins, but MUCH cheaper than some other awful tasting plant based proteins or brown rice proteins.   
Still another really good thing that happened today is that the grocery store still had raspberries stocked up, meaning my mom didn’t get to them.  I never learned how to share and since they are on sale – they are all now in my freezer. 

is that obnoxious? because there's more hiding under that broccoli. hope I don't get sick of them. I do the same thing with almond milk. I have 3 gallons in my fridge now:-)

sorry mom.  get a raincheck.  🙂
The good just keeps coming – I love that I don’t have to cook dinner while we are on this cleanse because it’s just shakes, but I do kind of have to “cook” or make lunch.  Today I had an epic fail at roasting vegetables.  we aren’t going to even talk about it.  it just didn’t work out for me today.  which was super disappointing because I really wanted them on top of my salad.  sad.  my run and my veggies were in cahoots to try to ruin my day.  it almost worked, but not quite.  because my daughter asked me to make SPINACH bread.  for lunch.  how can I say no to a child asking for spinach?  she did ask for spinach.  little time consuming, but they all scarfed it down.  and I made them eat it for dinner too.  double points for mommy.  I will put up pics and the recipe of the spinach bread tomorrow. 
To finish off the neverending Wednesday, we enjoyed the beautiful weather and went to the playground.  I figured I had to get them outside while it was nice out.  we could be under 2 feet of snow next week.  you just never know around here. 
So as crazy as the days may be, and as bad as the run sometimes is – it’s all worth it because I get to hang out with 

don't look right into her eyes. scray things happen.


there's nothing wrong with hanging a child from a door in a grocery bag. nothing.

Thanks to my super hard working hubster.  love ya.    
 What are you most thankful for TODAY??
What was the last thing you tried to cook that you totally failed at? 
How are the workouts/runs going this week?  because mine are not so hot!  Here’s to hoping for a better day tomorrow. 

Wacky Wednesday


We went to Target for toilet paper and motrin.  that’s it.  toilet paper and motrin.  two items.  this is what you come home with when you go to Target for toilet paper and motrin.

There is no toilet paper or motrin in that large pile of bags.  it’s still sitting unpurchased on the shelves at Target.  probably because I left my list sitting on my counter.  and anything I needed to get left my little brain as soon as I walked in the store and saw the section of bikini’s that I had to look at. 

Maybe I should start going to Target specifically for clothes, socks, toothbrushes, vitamins, granola bars and lots of other random crappola that I was surviving without just fine before today.  Then maybe I would come home with the toilet paper and motrin that I needed.

I did find a few things that I could not have breathed a moment longer without.  Target is good for that.  You will ALWAYS find something you absolutely needed, but didn’t know it. 


My new favorite rice in a bag.  and take a look at those nutrition facts and list of ingredients – totally doable for this easy to pleasy girl.  It doesn’t have 8,000 mg of sodium per serving.  I’ll take it.  and it doesn’t have a list of ingredients longer than my arm.  I’ll take another.  thank you.  and I’ll eat you for lunch. 

I also got this fun bag of “trail mix” – $2.99!!!  That’s a steal.  

sunny. and cranberry. two very pleasant words. for $2.99. how could you not bring that home with you.

Thank the good Lord I was still on a runner’s high from my treadmill jaunt this morning.  is that possible?  I think I enjoyed this mornings workout so much because I’ve taken the stress out of my training plan this week.  I really like the plan.  I like having one to follow.  but I’m learning about myself that I like it more as a guideline to give me some direction where to go.  Like, Katie, you should run this week if you want to run a marathon in a few months. Ok.  that’s a good start.  and, Katie, you should do a fast run if you want to run a faster marathon.  even better, thank you training plan.  what a great suggestion.  so I think I’m going to let it be kind of loosey goosey like that.  I’m not going to hold myself strictly to the plan.  I’m going to let it flow and let it guide.  get in the miles and do what feels right.  pretty sure I will enjoy the whole experience more that way. 

So the day went on as Wednesdays do – long and wacky because little chick #2 doesn’t have school in the afternoon, but Luke has to take a nap.  so we are stuck home from lunchtime on with everyone going stir crazy.  once he gets up, I have to start dinner.  it takes me at least 3x as long as the suggested “prep” time to actually prep the meal.  I’m slow.  all there is to it.  I don’t cut vegetables very fast.  and I have Luke trying to help me.   

This is what naptime looks like – it’s actually rearrange the room time and empty out the closet time for Luke.

the crib generally doesn't go in the middle of the room. luke needed to move things around a bit.

closet. empty. good job Luke. I've been meaning to clean that out.

meanwhile, knucklehead 2 cut her hand on a drinking glass that she broke and then knucklehead 3 stepped on a picture while cleaning out his closet during “naptime” and cut his foot on glass.  really?  TWO glass cutting accidents in ONE afternoon.  fun. 

I also got suckered into playing to play a wonderful game of memory with my girls.  whoever came up with this particular princess memory should be shot.  or just fired.  that might be more appropriate and less “angry”.  how many cards do we need here.  this game is for 3 and up.  

I think I even threw half of them out.  and I swear they move around on you once you put them back after you don’t get a match.  and then they laugh at you. because you never get a match.  there are too many. you can’t get a match.  I think it’s magic memory.  it wasn’t fun.  there is no reason to have a BIG princess Aurora card, and little princess aurora card, and a princess aurora card with her little princess friends.  princess aurora was my favorite princess, but this was too much for me to handle.  on a wednesday.  a long wednesday.  not my favorite childhood game.  by a long stretch.  tomorrow we will play candyland.  that’s my favorite.       

The girls also made some fabuloso jewelry.  that made up for the craptastic game of memory we had that was less than memorable. 

my little Anna. doing awkward hand signs just like her mother. she's 4. in case you didn't know. she wanted you to know.

All I can say is thank goodness for a good gym session this morning.  the big guy upstairs knew I needed it for today.  Thank you God for little blessings.  and big ones.  like good runs and my three healthy, happy little loves.   

How do you handle deviating from a set plan? 

Do you work better with a laid out plan, or are you more “go with the flow”, “take it as it comes” kind of person?

Did you have a favorite Disney princess?  Do you sometimes pretend you are a Disney princess?;)