I am a visual person – I like to see things laid out.  So here’s a timeline of me, my running, my family – when it all happened:)

Jan. 2005 – married


Oct. 2006 – baby girl #1 makes early appearance and we become a family of 3!

Nov. 2007 – 35 weeks pregnant with #2, diagnosed with melanoma

Nov. 2007 – baby girl #2 is born (one month early due to melanoma)

Baby girl #2, Anna bam

Dec. 2007 – surgery to remove melanoma (one week old and 13 month old at home)

Feb. 2008 – find out melanoma didn’t spread, I’m fine.  God is good

May 2008 – first 10 mile run around the neighborhood – on top of the world

July 2008 – hey, if I can run 10 miles, lets sign up for a marathon!

Oct. 2008 – ran 1st marathon (goal was to BQ, everyone told me I was crazy) I did it:)  3:37

gotta grab a good luck kiss on the course - 1st marathon, 1st race

Winter 2008 – took a break from running, didn’t like the cold weather running, went back to the gym

June 2009 – decided to run a 1/2 marathon 2 weeks before the race –  hadn’t run since the previous fall marathon – 1:34…..starting to get the running bug

stretching before the 1/2

June 2009 – running bug is gonna have to wait – find out I’m pregnant with little bundle #3!

Feb. 2010 – baby boy arrives!!

figured it out by the 3rd time - very important to be fully makeup'd for birthing a child - even if you are having horrible contractions - many pics will be taken

June 2010 – 1/2 marathon #2…..3.5 months post baby – 1:43

My running slipped into a black hole until 2011,  maintained my fitness by working out at home and casual running. 

June 2011 – 1/2 marathon #3……PR, 1:29, starting to feel competetive about this running thing

June 2011 – get roped into running a one mile race – I’ll be darned if anyone beats me!  5:27, first place female, moola in hand

July 2011 – paced my husband miles 70-100 of VT100 trail ultramarathon.  Awesome!!! 

Finish line - 3am

Oct 2011 – marathon #2 – 3:17 – rough run

Nov 2011 – Harrisburg marathon – 3:11 – 2nd place female

Feb 2012 – Colchester Half Marathon, lets do some hills!!!  1:28:26, new PR, 3rd place female.  Let me just share this elevation with you.   No, it wasn’t completely horrible, but more hills and steeper hills than I have ever run at one time. 

On my way…..

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    • Yes, PA!!! Did you run it?? I came in 2nd place female. I think the first place girl must have been trying to qualify for the trials or something, because she flew out of the start and I saw her walking on the other side of the road at mile 15. This was the race that my knee was in horrible shape from IT band syndrome – no fun!!

      • No, no. But maybe this year! I haven’t convinced myself to do a full yet! But it’s my hometown, and I went with the hospital I work with to give first aide to you crazy runners.

  1. glad to hear your melanoma hadn’t spread! what stage did they catch it at? I had insitu melanoma a couple of years ago, considered stage 0

    • I have no idea what stage they caught it at – it required surgery to take a huge chunk out of my leg as well as a lymph node then a PET scan – so glad they got it when they did, scary. I did a post about it called “protect yourself”, you can search for it in the sidebar.

  2. Hey! I just found you through Skinny Runner! Love you blog! I have two little boys and it is good to know there are other women like me, who have little ones and love to run. I don’t know how you do it, but you are awesome!

    • I guess I have had 5 years of trial and error with the running/staying in shape with small children thing, and I’m still figuring it out!! I love to hear about other running moms too – such a great thing on so many levels:) have a great day!!

  3. Hello! I discovered you this week via SkinnyRunner and your blog (and you!) are lovely. Adore your “voice” and can already tell you will be an inspiration and fun read, as well. I have been talking about making summer “goals” for 2+ weeks now and have them vaguely in mind but haven’t actually put pen to paper yet – so reading your post this morning was precisely what I needed (and we share many similar goals so you already feel like a kindred spirit). I have a 5 year old girl and got back into regular running just over a year ago with a wonderful group of “running mamas” from her school. (We did a 1/2 marathon in March which felt like a real accomplishment). Thank you and look forward to reading more! (And my “hubs” loves you too!) Oh, and one more aside – do you ever read Kristin Armstrong? You might really enjoy her writing. I gave my running group Mile Markers as a Christmas gift last year and she has a blog by the same name on RunnersWorld.

    • Yes, I have mile markers and I love flipping through it – really great stuff. Thanks for reading and commenting, it is nice to know people are enjoying what I’m writing:)


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