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Wednesday Fun Facts


5 mile run. 15 min stair master. 10 min weight. bases covered.
I ran on the treadmill. and lived to tell about it. I had to go on a reconnaissance mission to find the treadmill. I knew I left it in the basement, but lost track of it. easy to do when it serves as a junk holder.
come out come out wherever you are, you rickety old treadmill.

I have to strategically place it so that when my head is bobbing up and down it doesn’t hit the drop cielings that aren’t there or get tangled in electrical wire. what I get for being a supermodel tall.
In theory, I was going to bust out my 10 mile run on this beast. Bachelorette Emily got me through the first 5 miles, then I just couldn’t hang anymore. the iPad couldn’t decide which way it wanted to be oriented and kept turning the screen horizontal and vertical. Emily kept kissing everyone and i just couldnt take it anymore. she also kept buffering instead of playing straight through. enough. ended at 5, hopped on stairmaster. for a hot second I started getting down on myself for not pushing through, being mentally tough or digging deep to crank out those last five miles. I let that hot second pass and remembered what I’ve learned about training. and about training right. and about how I work. I’m not technically training yet for my fall marathon. therefore, there is no need to wipe myself out, burn myself out or stress myself out about miles. I do my best. my best is always enough and it’s always what it needs to be at that moment. there will be plenty of time for digging deep, finding the fight, being mentally tough and cranking out countless miles on the treadmill. when it’s time to really train. right now, each day of running brings what it may, and the plan is that it generally brings feel good, stress free endorphins that give me some good base miles.
happy runner. 5 miles short.
I had no idea about training plans and training cycles before these spring marathons I ran. I ran my november marathon and was on fire to get prepped for an April marathon. I didn’t stop. I didn’t break. I thought if I am running and working out anyway, I might as well make it count and make it tough. all the time. not so. you make it count by taking a break. taking time off. taking it easy so that you can take it hard when it’s time to start the 12, 14, 18 week training. it gives the training a purpose and a beginning and an end. it also gives the break time purpose; a beginning and an end.
My break time is nearing its end. and I will be ready to train hard and dig deep because I have kept this time off very stress free and perfect. for me. no burn out this time. famous last words.
Let’s chat about some Fun Facts Wednesday.
First, I should note there is nothing necessarily fun about these facts. reader be warned. It just sounds better than facts Wednesday. on with it.
1. The only reason I had to dig out the treadmill was because I chose not to get up early and run outside. my bad. will I ever learn. I would have been just as tired at this moment if I got up 45 minutes earlier and got my run in as if I slept the extra 45. that is a fact.
2. This box came yesterday from vitacost.
and that is about how I felt by the end of today. slightly beat up. if you consider the end of the day 4pm. by 7:30, I was near comatose. I kindly said to my oldest that my day had expired about 2 hours ago, and it would be safer to deal with the father of the house. Luke was out to get me today. I think we had 6 outfit changes by 9am between all the kids. I’m going to start dressing them in plastic wrap. I’m full of practical solutions like that.
3. In that box, among other things, was this protein powder.
My favorite protein powder is this plant fusion, but it gets pricey. I like optimum nutrition products, so I do half a scoop of each. with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. it is mighty tasty. actually satisfies a sweet tooth. sometimes.
4. I will never turn down a trip to sweet frog froyo. #1 because very good friends of ours own it. friends in high places. #2 because it’s frozen yogurt. nuff said.
I rarely get my own when I take the kids because I do not have that many hands to handle that much yogurt and that many kids. instead I make Luke’s how I want it and steal from him. maybe that’s why he’s mean to me sometimes. he’s dealing it’s some pent up froyo aggression. Grammy joined us today. we love gammy. and an extra set of hands.
5. I am on my own personal running streak, day 8. this does not jive with my self made rule of not running more than 3 days in a row to prevent injury. my schedule just got a little wonky and before I knew it, I had more than 3 days of running under my belt. I will admit, my shins are feeling the tiniest bit of tightness, but nothing to worry about. I have also not stretched or rolled in at least 4 weeks. naughty runner. I’m over stretching. foam rolling, on the other hand is just a smart thing to do. I couldn’t do it for awhile because of my elbow/arm situation. but now I have no excuse. gotta get back on that roller.
6. My little entrepreneur had her first lemonade stand of the season.
her “stind”. In her world, she hears and “i” in “stand”. fine by me.
she has big plans. she’s already scoping out neighbors’ yards for the most prime lemonade selling location. she made $2. and gammy supplied the lemonade. no overhead. $2 profit. I didn’t charge rent. she and her bro and sis drank most of that half gallon of lemonade. yuck.
7. Situations like this do not phase me in the least.
pink bink. nakey boy. playing in the dirt. by the recycling bin. have at it my little friend. you’re only 2 once. and mama is too tired to fight the please don’t play in the dirt by the garbage fight. that’s what baths are for.
8. My lunch today.
flatout wrap. avocado, spicy brown, egg whites, tomatoes, pickles. more mustard. s&p. yum.
I don’t know why I love it so much. I think because it’s really just a vehicle to get an avocado into my belly. and flatout wraps are pretty amazing. and I’m easily impressed by many things. I’m totally one of those people that will eat something just because it’s healthy. like quinoa. I try my best to like it and find ways to make it that will make me eat it. I don’t like avocados unless they are wrapped up with lots of mustard and other things. or in guac. but I crave them. daily. and this little wrap tastes so delicious with my little avocado tucked nicely inside.
9. These ended up in my pantry.
and didn’t stay there for very long. might be my all time favorite. maybe because it brings me back to my childhood. a lovely chocolate treat.
10. I want my own chickens. we go through about half a dozen eggs daily.
I want to grow my own. eggs. but chickens probably wouldn’t survive luke. or me. so I will keep buying those little suckers. Anna wanted to know how the egg got like that, all put back together and perfect after the chicken was hatched. so innocent. I told her that was the chicken. she had no words.
11. I was going to stop at ten, but thought I could make this more obnoxiously long and wanted to share this with you – I was introduced to this non meat, meat and have been on a hunt for it at whole foods since. I finally found it. In the non meat, meat section – right by the tofurky and smart dogs. of course.
I like to try out non meat, meats, but only ones that are not soy based. I really liked these. I had tried this other non chicken, chicken one and it was so gross. it was made with mycoprotein or something. this has the protein derived from vital wheat gluten. no idea what that is.

Can anyone fill me in on vital wheat gluten? Stead clear or ok in moderation? I will of coursebe consulting the almighty google to see what juicy info I can come up with on this food substance called vital wheat gluten.
I’ll let you go now and move on with your night. after a few questions.

Do you have a favorite non meat, meat that is not soy based protein that you can share with me?

Charleston chew or gag on a spoon? It is a particular kind of candy.

Tell me a fun fact about your day. please.

Protect Yourself. Please.


Workout – cross training.  scary how responsible I am being as a runner.  there’s got to be some sort of accolade for that.  prize money?  award?  I am not running today.  although I feel better everyday, tightness is still there, but working itself out. I am smartly cross training.  there is no need to run 3 days in a row on my trek back to running faster.  I am simply getting back in the groove.  wherever the groove is.  for the next week and a half.  running every single day certainly won’t hurt me, but it isn’t going to necessarily help me right now either.  so I’m playing it safe and easing back in.  and spending lots of time on the stairmaster today. 

1 hour speed intervals/fat burner (that’s the program, I like the fat burner because of the variation in intensity.  it’s like rolling hills on the master)

Now, a little poem I made up to segway into the point of this post.  from the eency teency bit of creativeness that is somewhere in the recesses of my brain.  I will need a nap after the amount of mental energy it took for me to come up with this special little piece… (FYI, serious post…)

There once was a girl named Katie

Who was 35 weeks pregnant with her second baby

With a 13 month old at home

The doctor told her she was not alone

there was a little thing called melanoma keeping her company.


Quite possibly the scariest day of my life.  yep.  definitely the scariest day of my life.

I had no idea what melanoma really was before this.  before the PA at the dermatologist so kindly filled me in as she was removing my mole.  This is the exact converstation:

ME: “So, what could this be?”

PA: “Well, it’s either basal cell carcinoma, which is really no big deal.  Or it is melanoma, which is pretty bad and there’s not much we can do about it.  we’ll give you a call within two weeks after we get the results back from Yale”  That was on a Tuesday.

OK, fantastic.  well here’s to hoping it’s JUST basal cell.  that sounds fun.  note to PA – don’t EVER say, ‘there’s not much to be done for melanoma’ when you are not sure whether or not your patient has melanoma.  it will stick with that poor patient.  forever. 

I get a phone call on my way to playgroup with my one year old – 3 days later – a Friday. 

Hi Katie.  I never make these phone calls on a Friday, but this is really bad.  You have melanoma.  we need to get you in to a surgeon like a month ago.  He is booked today but I have an appointment for you on Monday.  All I can tell you is that it was over 1mm thick, which puts you at a higher risk category and I don’t really have much more information for you.  Again, I’m sorry to do this to you on a Friday, but we need to get things going.  you need to have surgery asap.

I am speechless.  I pull the car over.  tears flow.  baby girl in the back seat.  baby girl in my tummy.  melanoma on my thigh.  my head is spinning.  I hang up the phone because I don’t even know what to ask the doctor.  or which way is up.  I’m 25.  I have a small child.  and one on the way.

I cry.  a lot.  and I have 3 days to google the heck out of melanoma to learn my fate.  and that it doesn’t look good.  and that there’s no way I am going to survive this.  that’s how I interpret the crazy amount of information the internet provides.  not a smart move.  but I had no choice when I needed answers (spoiler alert – I’m obviously alive and well, the internet turned me a bit hysterical ;-)) 

I made myself sick that weekend.  literally, ill.  having no idea what was going to happen.  I had this mole as long as I could remember.  who knows how long this had been brewing.  who knows how far it could have possibly spread.  stuff like this does not happen to a 25 year old who has a 1 year old and is 35 weeks pregnant with #2.  but it does.

I had pulled myself together by Monday when we met with the surgeon.  This was the week of Thanksgiving, 2007.  My OB was ready to take me in to have the baby that night so that I could have surgery before the end of the week.

The surgeon said he would much prefer not do the surgery while I was pregnant if they were willing to deliver the baby early.  He said I could go no more than 3 weeks before having surgery.  that scared the heck out of me, waiting that long to get rid of this cancer.  I scheduled to be induced the following Monday, at 36 weeks, and have the surgery exactly one week after that.  2 weeks total I had to wait for surgery.  needless to say, the birth of my daughter was bittersweet.  I had crazy emotions going from this is beautiful, I’m having my daughter to oh my goodness, I’m forcing this poor little girl out of me 4 weeks early BECAUSE I have melanoma that I now have to go deal with.  and my fears extended to my family and my children.  if I can get cancer, what about my children.  no one is safe.  I became very afraid of the vulnerability of my children’s health to awful things like this.  tough.  I had a one week old at the hospital with me.  nursing her every chance I got, wearing my awkward hospital gown, before I had to go in to surgery.

Thirteen and a half month old

Perfectly healthy 5lb 12oz baby girl

Surgery.  get it out. 

Because of the size of the mole, they had to take a 2in. diameter mass out of my leg, down to the muscle.  and a lymph node out of my groin to see if it spread.  this left me with quite a scar on my thigh to enable the surgeon to get out what he needed and stitch it all back up.

iphone pics 803

BIG reminder to me everyday.  melanoma does not discriminate.  and it’s getting more and more ‘popular’. 

wear sunscreen

don’t use tanning beds

I run.  I run in the sun.  a lot.  I never used to wear sunscreen.  I wear it now.  The dermatologist would have me wear longsleeve protective clothing. and a sunhat when I run.  that’s not going to happen.  but I will wear spf 85 sunscreen.  and I will never lay out at the beach.  ever.

I had to meet with an oncologist after the surgery.  He did a PET scan.  everything was clear.  nothing spread.  I AM VERY LUCKY.

Had my OB not FORCED me into the dermatologists office to get this mole checked, I never would have had it looked at.  It was a part of me.  always there.  and it would have kept growing and growing.  melanoma is aggressive once it spreads.  everywhere.  My OB didn’t like how it looked.  she was right.  it was pretty nasty.  this could have turned out FAR worse.

Here are some stats:  SOURCE

The statistics:

  • One-in-50 Americans has a lifetime risk of developing melanoma.
  • In 2009 nearly 63,000 were diagnosed with melanoma in the United States, resulting in approximately 8,650 deaths. 
  • The projected numbers (according to the National Cancer Institute) for 2012 are even higher with 76,250 diagnosis and 9,180 deaths.

This means that every eight minutes, someone in the United States will be given a melanoma diagnosis and that every hour someone will die from the disease.   

Melanoma is the fastest growing cancer in the United States and worldwide.
  • The American Cancer Society estimates that the risk of developing invasive melanoma in the United States averages out to approximately a 1 in 50 chance of developing melanoma throughout your lifetime. 
  • The incidence of people under 30 developing melanoma is increasing faster than any other demographic group, soaring by 50 percent in young women since 1980. 
  • Melanoma primarily affects individuals in the prime years of life, is the most common form of cancer for young adults 25-29 years old and the second most common cancer in adolescents and young adults 15-29 years old. 
  • Although melanoma is most common in Caucasians, melanoma can strike men and women of all ages, all races and all skin types. The mean age for diagnosis of melanoma is 50, while for many other cancers it is 65-70 years old.


When you are out running, on a sunny day, or even a cloudy day – wear sunscreen.  Do yourself a favor and don’t go to a tanning salon.  Do yourself another favor and wear sunscreen when you go to the beach.  being tan is NOT worth the risk.  go buy some self tanner.  although I’m not sure that’s exactly great for you either.

This ‘event’ was probably the catalyst into being more aware of my body and what I put into it.  I read so much about cancer rates and how your diet can possibly play a big role in sickness, and health.  It was scary.  the statistics are scary.  they became scarier thinking about them in terms of my own children.  I have my health.  and I have the health of these three beautiful little people that I brought into this world – that I kind of want to stay with me here for a long time.  I alone am responsible for doing my best to make sure they are healthy and well.  I do believe a lot of that starts with what we put into our bodies.

10 months after I had Anna and my surgery, I ran my first marathon, which happened to be my first race.  And I qualified for Boston. 

I was healthy.  my kids were healthy.  and I want to keep it that way.

stuff to think about

Update on the Homefront

1. Wishes do come true.  so I better start wishing for things other than I hope my two year old has an ear infection.  he does have an ear infection.  a double one.  why have one when you can do both at the same time.  I am a bad mom.  that would explain the fever last week.  he’s got two doses of antibiotics in him and still spent 90% of his day screaming at me throwing tantrums.  if he had a full vocabulary, that screaming would probably be rated R obscenities.  since he can not speak so well yet, I’m choosing to believe he is screaming sweet nothings at me in a very angry, passionate tone – I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU ARE SO AMAZING MOM, AND SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  I WORSHIP THE GROUND YOU WALK ON AND YOU ARE A SUPERFAST, SUPERFIT RUNNER!!!  things like that.

2. This would be the tiniest little food processor.  but I love it. 

iphone pics 804

perfect little kitchen accessory for perfect little amounts of chopping and mincing.  little magic bullet.  I bought when I was in the I will make all of my baby food phase.  nope.  never happened.  the cloth diapering phase lasted a little longer.  but it’s chopped it’s fair amount of garlic and carrots for crock pot chicken tortilla soup that I made tonight – that I will post the recipe for – I PROMISE!!!

3.  My bright little Anna noted that my peanut butter protein bars would taste delicious with some nutella (or other chocolatey substance) smothered over the top.  oh my child.  I have done something right.  I’ve passed on my love for chocolate.  her sister noted it would be equally delicious crumbled over ice cream.  many possibilities to turn a fairly healthy treat into a sinfully delicious one.  and I would have to agree.  go get some nutella and try it out. 

4.  I ate a whole package of tic tacs on the way home from the store.  what???  Luke snagged them in the checkout line and opened them before I could get them away.  I had to buy them.  then they were sitting next to me in the car.  I have no idea why I ate them.  I can’t remember the last time I had a tic tac.  I didn’t even enjoy it.

5.  All children were tucked in bed by 6:10 tonight.  because little boy was up at 5am today.  in a very pissy mood.  again.  for the umpteenth day in a row.  I almost cried.  I just couldn’t start my day like that.  it’s like starting a marathon at a full out sprint.  no warmup.  thank God for the hubs.  saved my day.

the end


Do you wear sunscreen when you run in the sun?

Do you go tanning?  Don’t answer that if you do.  just kindly stop doing it:-)

Have you ever used a magic bullet?  Pretty spiffy

Must get worse before it gets better??


Ok, so quick update…gansett was phenomenal compared to this race. And if you read my gansett recap, you can only imagine how bad this was. But, mentally, I held on. I was in a better place mentally – my body was not on track.
I will do a full review, but I don’t have access to my computer now and this is from my phone. I just wanted to say “hi” from Nashville!!! Hi!!! I’ve missed you guys!! As I’m sure you have missed me dearly as well. I know it.
I have A LOT to recap here, as I’m not exactly sure what has happened to my running, other than to clue me in that I need to take a little sabbatical from the long distance thing and refocus my plan and the way I do things. A lot to think about.
My finish time was 3:43. don’t throw up. I did. Not because of the time, but because that’s what my body decided it wanted to do at every fuel station from mile 16 to the finish and for about 20 minutes after the finish, whenever I tried to take fluids. But, I stopped my garmin every time I had to hit a porta potty to let it out, and my garmin time was 3:32. I know that means absolutely nothing. but I’m just gonna go with it today. Thank you very much. (and I’m just gonna put this TMI out there, I woke up with my period. not necessarily a good or bad thing, just a fact that may or may not have impacted the tummy issues) ** edited to add- to give you an idea of how it went, my first half was 1:35, and I was staying conservative. Do the math. 2nd half was unreal. Or don’t do the math. Might be better that way.
Much more to come. Much. Stay tuned. And don’t even think about disowning my blog because I seemingly forgot how to run. I apparently have his crazy new talent of negative pr’ing with EVERY race. I’m going to quit while I’m ahead until I figure this little training body of mine out. By the second little puke fest at mile 18, I decided I really just wanted to come in under 4. I’m REALLY happy I finished. Another 26.2 done. More lessons, life and running, learned. That is all for now.
I hope every one racing and running had much more success than I!!! 🙂
And I keep trying to put pics on here, but my phone isn’t cooperating with me either. At least my girls are being good. And my sweaty band didn’t budge, yet again. Good stuff. So you get a kind of boring, picture-less post about my less than stellar race. I guess I give you permission to disown my blog now 😉 don’t you dare.

Gansett Marathon Recap


Workout – I feel the need to write this just because I generally start the posts like this.  no workout.  I’m just not one of those people that can, nor do I want to, run the day after a marathon.  or two days after a marathon.  or 3-7 days after a marathon.  totally ok with that.

I do think it’s great to keep moving after a marathon.  and I do PLENTY of running around after the little kidlings.  I’m working that lactic acid right out.  no worries.

Let’s cover the basics, then get to the nitty gritty of what went down this past weekend and why I was seconds away from quitting the whole darn race.

Warning – it’s a long one…get some popcorn, or chocolate, or adult beverage, or a pencil to start poking your eyes out if it gets too boring, and read on…   

The marathon was held in beautiful Narragansett, RI.  The host hotel was the Village Inn.  That is where I stayed Friday night.  I have committed major blogger fail here and NOT taken pictures of much of the surroundings and happenings pre-race.  My apologies.  but I would just as much want our Friday night dinner experience to be erased from memory as I would the actual running display at the marathon.  so it’s good there are no pictures to document. 

The whole fam and I drove to Rhode Island Friday afternoon because I just didn’t want to drive an hour and a half Saturday morning – while dealing with three kids in the car.  it’s generally not a pleasant experience.  it’s generally the fresh 2 year old getting himself out of his carseat every 5 minutes that makes it that way.  We stopped for dinner, checked in to the hotel and then the hubs went back home with the kids and drove back on Saturday morning so that we didn’t end up with two vehicles there. 

Friday Dinner…what may have been the beginning of the downward mental spiral (preceded only by 3 and half weeks of resting shin splints and running less than a handful of times….so many excuses I can come up with)

We went to PJ’s Pub in Narragansett.  Do not ever go to this establishment.  I don’t care if they are offering diamond encrusted filet.  It was the most appalling dining experience I have ever had. 

Long story short- I ordered a Greek Pasta – very light.  The waitress puts in front of me a heart attack in a bowl – this chicken broccoli thing that was swimming in alfredo sauce.  I couldn’t even see the pasta.  I very nicely said I really hate to be a pain, but I didn’t order this.  She says, Oh well that’s what I wrote down.  I said I still didn’t order it, would you mind sending it back and making what I ordered.  No problem.  Well, apparently Mr. Owner thought it was a problem.  She came back with dish in had saying, you are going to have to pay for the new dish that you want.  In addition to this creamy mess in my hand.  Oh, you mean the dish that I ordered?  The one that you messed up?  I have to pay for that and the one I don’t want?  Whoa.  Not going to happen.  Fuming.  Hubs and I say, very kindly, would you mind sending Mr. Owner out here so we can chat.  No problem.  And Mr. Owner thought this was a problem.  Waitress comes back and says, he’s too busy, he won’t come out.  Oh. My. Word.  Give me the check so we can get the heck out of here you slimy people. 

The hotel was offering a pasta dinner for the marathoners.  If you recall, I am pretty particular about what I eat before a race.  Even if I wasn’t so particular, this wasn’t my kind of pre-race meal.  NO offense to the marathon people or hotel – just wasn’t my thing.  I tried to eat a little bit, but it wasn’t really working for me.

Friday night at Hotel

Stressed already about the lack of food I got Friday night and the fact that it was 8:30 and I was already hungry….to realize

HOLY CRAP I forgot my garmin charger.  calm down.  calm down.  calm down.  I can’t calm down.  Stressing.  in addition to my phone charger, which was also going dead.  this was probably a good thing so that I didn’t stay up all night figuring out different pace calculations.

Lucky me got the room right next to the stairwell.  I’m pretty confident there was a three ring circus and a frat party going on right outside my door and in the stairwell all night.  SO LOUD.  I fell asleep at 3am.  Up at 5:30am.

And so goes the morning…breakfast didn’t sit too well. took one bite and tossed it.  and I had eaten my backup breakfast the night before.  I chalk it up to getting to anxious about EVERYTHING.  unnecessary and not good for me.  I now know.

Hubs and the kids got there about an hour before the start, so I had time to juice up my garmin.  Probably would have been better if I just let it die and run without.

Saturday Morning Start

This race is fantastic if you stay at the host hotel or even if you don’t.  It’s so low key – you just walk right up to the start minutes before it’s time.  No fuss at all.  I jogged around a little.  feeling good.  garmin charged.  Lulu on.  sweaty band in place.  ready to run.  The weather was beautiful.  High 50’s, into the 60’s by the end.  The race started on time and we took off.

Once again – no pictures.  You can see plenty of pics on this girls blog – which most of you have probably read.  she is a pro at this blogging thing.  I ran with her for a little bit at the end and then she totally smoked me.  Go SR.  Love your purple socks too.  rockstar.

Miles 1-9 were fantastic.  Then I became a mental headcase and lost all ability to run.  I can’t even look at the splits yet.  I don’t know that I will.  ever.  All I know is that I lost it after mile 9 when it started to get hard for me because I saw my time slipping.  I couldn’t find the fight to get it back.  another time, another place, I would have fought.  I literally gave up on this race at that moment.  I wanted it to end.  I wanted to go home.  I 100% mentally defeated myself and chose not to try.


I passed the half at just under 1:30, I think.  just stellar at positive splits.  a little too good this time.  I lost track of how many times I stopped to walk in the second half.  and swear.  at my legs.  and my wicked attitude.

This is where my all or nothing personality became the death of even trying for this race.  I put so much pressure on myself to have a fantastic race – despite the less than fantastic weeks leading up to my race – that when I realized it probably wasn’t in the cards for me this day – I wanted nothing to do with it.  NOTHING.  When things started not going perfectly according to my plan, like dinner Friday night, or the garmin not being charged, it totally messed with my head.

I was hurting.  I could feel my right IT band start to tighten and sharpen up around mile 4.  I swear, these IT bands just take turns on me.  Last race, it was my left one.  This one was my right.  the shins joined the pain party.  They started hurting.  But, I let it get to me.  I had this guy talking in my ear for 4 miles about, don’t you think you’re pushing it a little too hard…I’m not sure, but I guess we’ll find out in the end there dude.  I’m a believer in MIND over MATTER to an extent.  If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  I ran my last marathon in November with worse IT band pain than this race.  but I wasn’t willing to give up on that one.  because I didn’t put an insane amount of pressure on myself to get a time.  and because in that race I was mentally able to focus my energy away from the pain instead of into the pain.  I didn’t MIND then.  In Gansett, I focused my energy into the pain and the toughness instead of focusing it away and towards running strong and to the best of my ability at that moment.  I MINDED a lot.  It mattered.  I let it determine the outcome of what could have been a better day.

Miles 14-23

Taking it one mile at a time.  One minor thing that became major in my mind was that after I would pass the 14 mile mark, there would be the 24 mile mark, and so on.  My heart cried a little with each marker to think I had to run 10 more miles, get back to this point, and then still not be done.  This shouldn’t have been a big deal, but given the state I had gotten myself into, I could not wrap my mind around doing that.

Miles 23-26.2

Just finish this darn race and get on with life.  Almost there.  I think mentally these were the easiest miles, aside from the first 9.  In my mind, I wasn’t even going to make it this far.  I wouldn’t have gotten this far if my hubs didn’t keep telling me to push through and finish.  mind boggling to me that it was so mentally hard.  To have gotten to mile 23 and have 3.2 left actually felt good in a I want to crawl into a hole right now kind of way.


That’s a good marathon time.  even on a bad day.  I would be ecstatic with that time if I raced for that time.  If I tried for that time.  If I didn’t talk myself out of a good race.  I would be ecstatic with that time if I didn’t lose it to my husband at mile 16 saying I don’t want to finish this solely because it’s hard.  really???  where does this talk come from?  that’s not me.  I lost it.  the lady at the aid station was ready to call in for backup.

iphone pics 657

Race pics aren’t up yet (because I’m stalking the website, so I know), but the race director emailed this to me.  a buddy of his was on the course taking pics…and probably saw me pathetically running up this little hill and saw that horrific display of wacky right foot kicking out to the side (and whatever is going on with my right hand, I don’t know) and had to document it this masterpiece of running.  That right foot needs to figure a few things out about staying on track with the team.  this is a pretty accurate depiction of my feelings towards this run.

BIG goals can lead to BIG disappointments if they don’t happen.  They also lead to BIG learning and require a BIG effort to make them happen in the future.  I didn’t realize what a big effort it would require.  It’s hard when you have put so much time and effort into something, only to realize it might not happen.  But it doesn’t mean you have to give up completely. That’s what I did.  lesson learned.

This was the BIG learning marathon for me.  The purpose of this race was not to get me a 3 hour marathon.  Or even a PR.  It was to kick me in the head and teach me about running.  and life.  not everything goes as planned.  you have to be ok with less than ideal situations.  you have to be ok with in between and not ALL or NOTHING.  you have to be able to work through it.  you have to run and train in a way that works for you, not the mass population or someone else.  I know now what has to go into getting faster and stronger.  stretching, rolling, strengthening, speedwork, tempos, hills, recovery, rest…all need to be a part of the plan. 

As of last September, I wasn’t even planning on running either of the two marathons I ran in October or November.  They were both last minute.  I had never done speedwork.  I had never run even close to a 6 minute mile in training, nevermind sub 6 minute miles.  If you asked me how many miles I ran per week, I would not have a clue, except that it was never near 40, even with a long run.

I felt the need to change that drastically to get to this 3 hour marathon goal.  I felt the need to have a “plan” from a website that would absolutely get me there.  What I really need is a balance between the two.  I need to feel what works for me.  what makes me happy and not crazy.  what keeps me loving running.  this is my hobby.  it doesn’t define me, it doesn’t pay the bills.  I want to be good at it, and I need to find the patience to get there.  and relax in the meantime.

Finish Line

In my head I was going to come in dead last and close to 4 hours.  When I did the math and started thinking I could make it in the low 3:20’s, I was suprised, especially given the amount that I gave up on life and walked.  I’ll take it.

Marathon #4 in the Books.  for life.

The course was beautiful.  rolling hills and a headwind at times that made it a little tough.  It got warm and I was beyond thirsty the entire time.  I always hydrate well, and I took a gatorade and water at every station.  I might have overdone it a tad on the fluid, according to my stomach, but I was thirsty.  I still ended the race 3 lbs lighter than I started.  I took a gel at mile 4, and some sport beans at mile 8.5, and couldn’t handle them.  after that it was all gatorade for me, and that was fine.

No stomach issues after the race, which is a plus for me as I usually occupy the bathroom for a good portion of the day.  and because we had to drive 1.5 hours home and I didn’t need to deal with that. 

Nothing hurts today, just a little bit sore.  I took an ice bath and hung out with my bag of peas and corn for awhile.  and a glass of wine.  and my roller.  that’s painful.

iphone pics 655


So Here’s the GOOD:

1. My Sweaty Band did not BUDGE. 

iphone pics 649

thank God I didn’t have to deal with having to adjust my headband.  what a nightmare that would have been.  that would have really put me over the edge.

2. Nor did my makeup budge.  stayed in place the whole time.  so important.

3. I looked adorable in my lulu apparel.  keeps getting better.

iphone pics 660

4.  Aforementioned lulu apparel smelled just as good after the race as it did before.  another point for LL.  so either I sweat flower petals or lululemon has some pretty strong odor repellant in their gear.  good stuff.

5. Brooks Pure Flow sneaks worked well.  I got a little hot spot on my left foot after mile 20, but nothing major.

6.  By Saturday night at midnight when I was up with my precious 2 year old, it felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to my right knee.  I think my left leg was on a different planet during the race, because it feels fantastic. The only reason I say this is good is because the knee felt 100% by Sunday.  no pain, no nothing.  and my shins feel about 85% fine.  happy dance.

7. I have another marathon on April 28th in Nashville.  I am going to run it.  and I’m going to run it for fun.  ZERO pressure.  all fun and giggles and rainbows.  I have learned something from this race.  Chill out.

8. My daughter picked me some good luck ‘weeds’ pre-race.  so thoughtful, my little girl.  maybe next time she should pick me some good luck sticks or grass instead.  or just give me a big chunk of chocolate.  the weeds didn’t work out so well.

iphone pics 654


9. This was my last race ever in the 25-29 age group.  I have run all of my races I have ever done in that age group.  crazy.  I will let the race go with my 20’s, but not what I have learned from it.  3 days left in my 20’s.  Then helllllooooo 30!  I don’t see how that’s possible though, seeing as I don’t feel a day over 22.  and I certainly don’t look a day over 18.

That’s all she wrote my friends. But don’t you worry.  You can bet I will have more to share as the week goes on.

We are on school vacation this week.  much fun and excitement will be had with my little dumplings.  in this crazy hot April weather.


Who else is experiencing this killer heat wave?

Who did Boston in this heat?!?!

How was every ones weekend??  Running?  Racing?  Tell me something good


Run, Run, Run


Workout – stairmaster, at home, 52 minutes – 7.5 miles

I’m not actually running.  at all.  and I have no plans to run for the better part of the next two weeks until I’m feeling 100% confident that my shins are not going to snap in half.  because that could really happen.  I’m sure of it.  but I am running.  it’s one of those weeks, where I am running non stop.  go go go.  my day is broken up into two chunks of time – morning kindergarten and afternoon preschool.  everyday.  I have two little chunks of time to do “things” that need doing before I need to be at home to greet a child off the bus or pick a child up from school.  generally, child #3 takes a nap in the afternoon chunk of time, and homebound we stay.  today there were too many things to do, so the morning and afternoon chunks were filled to the brim with non-stop, non-exciting, and very uneventful action.  but action nonetheless.  no time for words today.  so I’m giving you a mostly picture post.  of the less than exhilarating “things” that we did.  all of which I will expound upon at a later date.  most likely Monday because I can already forsee the weekend being gobbled up by many other “things” in the calendar – like replacement long runs, birthday parties and a little overnight getaway with the hubs.

Here is the day in mostly pictures.  some words. 

Today was technically a rest day – but I’m not feeling like I’ve really “earned” the rest day, because I really haven’t been running this week.  and cross training is kind of like resting, and I’m feeling the need to get in as much cross training as I can in the next two weeks to make up for not running ….so I skipped the gym….but the basement stairmaster was calling my name….and so the day begins….

iphone pics 538

 living in compression socks…


iphone pics 539

Multi-tasking on the stairmaster….and here’s a little tidbit courtesy of Runner’s World that I couldn’t agree more on…because running is so mental…

iphone pics 542


breakfast all around…

iphone pics 536


trying not to procrastinate anymore on this tiny little important thing….taxes are so fun

tax pic


wearing bathing suits last week….hot chocolate this week…

iphone pics 540


iphone pics 541




iphone pics 537

then real shopping….(no, I did not make Luke skip his nap to go here.  he insisted that we go.  begged me to go.)

iphone pics 544


iphone pics 545


I think I’ve found ‘the pair’….it’s like finding the PERFECT pair of jeans….tough….

and more fun stuff….

iphone pics 543

would someone please reassure me that that vein is not going to eat me alive…just frightening….the ‘stick’ and I are very excited to work together.

snacking…sorry, almond milk, you didn’t make the picture…

iphone pics 524


and here we are.  Friday afternoon.  I have used up my allotted sit on my bum and waste time time, and best get to being a productive member of this family.  I think my HOW TO FRIDAY’S are going to be sporadic and sparse, until I start planning ahead and actually have them set up before hand.  I’ve got a few ideas, but for the most part my creative juices are all dried up.  actually, they were never really overflowing in the first place.  I’m more of a math and science kind of girl.  not sure I have a creative bone in my body.  until then, friday’s posts will probably be no different in nature than any of my other rambling but thoroughly entertaining, thought provoking, who ever let this girl ever get near blog world and how does she possibly make it through life, kind of post.  they will be that good.  I promise.

For any newer readers, here are a few older How To Fridays…





Race prep



Talk to me People!!!

What’s going on this weekend??

Tell me about upcoming races?

Tell me about how you injured your shins too, and they healed so nicely and quickly and you went on to have a massive PR in a race– that would make ME feel really good

Then I’ll tell you that you are a fantastic person and if you are just getting your feet wet in the fitness and healthy living world, running, working out, thinking about working out, or if you are a speedster already and are training hard to kick it up a notch – then you are a superstar and you are headed in the right direction.  and that will make YOU feel really good.  happy words make happy people.  be happy. 

win win for everyone. 

have a fantastic weekend. 

Food Love


Workout – speedwork. this continues to be one of my favorite workouts. I look forward to its arrival every week. it holds a special place in my heart. it gives me butterflies thinking about it. and makes me nervous before I do it. everytime. like I will fail to perform. and I remind myself that there is no failure to perform when you are running and setting goals and making them happen. the second I put those running sneaks on and hit the road or the treadmill, I have succeeded. the rest is up to my legs and my arms and my body and my lungs to see how far they can take me that day. I have all the tools. you have all the tools. I just need to use them. and I need to push them to work hard. they won’t just do it on their own. I used them today. here’s how the speed went…on the treadmill.

1 mile warmup @ 7:45

5 repeats of:

.5 mile @ 6:00 pace, 2 min jog, .25 mile @ 5:49 pace, 2 min jog, .25 mile @ 5:49, 2 min jog

.25 mile cool @ 8 min pace (all I had time for)

10 miles total

I tested out the Mizuno Musha for this run.

iphone pics 503

rockin’ some lulu, speedskirt(love it) and musha’s(did me good)

I’m deciding between these for a racing flat…

iphone pics 485

Saucony A5, Mizuno Musha, Mizuno Ronin

I’ve kind of ruled out the Ronin, just because I think the Musha looks supercool. it’s very important to pick running shoes based on look. I promise you won’t get injured and you will have fantastic runs. 😉 I will give the ronin a try on the treadmill. I might be surprised. I still need to try those Saucony type A5, and see what I think. then I will decide for sure.

This was a good run. I probably could have done 2 more repeats, but I didn’t have time and ten miles works for me. I’m REALLY trying to pay close attention to what is going on with my legs right now. I’m starting to have just a tad bit of pain in my right shin that I don’t want to blow up into something big. I’m figuring it out and considering taking a few days off from running completely and just doing crosstraining. Tomorrow is a rest day. Saturday is up in the air for a long run. It might be long run more along the lines of a stepmill/elliptical/stairmaster/repeat type long run. you say that’s not a long run, I say don’t put the long run in a box. let it be what it wants to be. if that’s a stairmaster this week, so it shall be. it will be something long. 22 days left and counting. I’m also being a good runner and icing.

iphone pics 502

and reading about why our American diet is so messed up and why we need so much help figuring out how to do such a basic thing as eat. I haven’t gotten very far, but I’m liking it.

So speaking of food – I would love to share with you some of the foods I am liking on a daily basis. In general, but also as a marathon approaches, I really like to make an effort to eat clean, healthy, very low sugar and unprocessed foods. Making sure to include things like healthy, natural fats, protein, fiber and whole grains. I like simple, basic, no fuss stuff that I can throw down the hatch.

Take a look…


This is usually my breakfast. one egg. some eggwhites. sometimes some flax. which you’ll find further on down the list. happy morning.

I just came across this article in RW about why eggs are so amazing for runners. Read it HERE.

Red Peppers, Avocados, Green Onions

iphone pics 490

(the following pics of food information are from my new cookbookPower Foods, from

Health Benefits…

iphone pics 496

and they have more potassium than a banana. move over banana. hand me an avocado.

Green onions are my new favorite lunch time accessory.

Bell peppers. so sweet. so crispy. something I’ve noticed – if you get rid of most of the processed sugar in your diet, things like bell peppers and other veggies almost taste THAT much better. the flavors explode in your mouth. maybe that’s just me. like the 4th of July in your mouth. I enjoy it. red are my favorite. even more so when I can enjoy them in season for only $1.99 a lb, instead of $3.99 a lb.

iphone pics 498

Apples and Cashews

iphone pics 492

perfect snack. healthy fats, fiber and protein.

Plantfusion Protein Powder

My go to protein powder as of late. shake it up with some almond milk and flaxseed. protein packed deliciousness.


Almond Milk (unsweetened)

Dairy free, lots of calcium. good stuff.


it’s really good on anything. but the floor. not so tasty. hummus casualty.

iphone pics 437


iphone pics 493

Dark Chocolate

I’m a big fan. I have acquired the taste for really dark chocolate. like above 80% dark. so many good things about it.


Some of my basic faves. What are some of yours???

How was your workout today?

Do you ice regularly? Stretch regularly? Roll? Do anything else regularly that would be of particular interest to me?

Weekend Confessional


Workout(s) – let’s start at the beginning – since it’s been a long 3 days since I have posted and there has been a lot of activity going on in these parts – none of which is noteworthy or otherwise important to making the world going ’round, but stuff you should be aware of nonetheless…I try to do my part

Confessions of a Running (among other things) weekend

1. I ran 20 miles in the rain. And did not shrivel up and die. This is 20 miles that almost happened on the treadmill because the weather was indeed rainy. And cold. And I wanted no part of it, until my husband called me on it and said suck it up and get your hiney out there. Ok. I will. The treadmill and I aren’t really speaking these days anyway. We are pretty sick of each other. This is what it looked like when I left…

iphone pics 384

This was misty rain, high 30’s, that turned into complete rain by the end. I looked like a wet dog. I apologize to the citizens of my nice town for having to witness me running through your nice streets looking like a drowned rat. I wasn’t happy about it either.

This is what it looked like approximately 1 hour after I got home. nearing 53 degrees. that sun would have been nice 3 hours ago.

iphone pics 393

Hubs had already left the house with the kids. He drove them around and did various things, most of which I will never know – but which certainly included finding me at different points on the 20 and cheering me on. sweet little family I have. Anyway, that left me with an empty house, and the sweet temptation of not going. Not really. That thought would never cross my mind. Running is usually the first thing that pops into my mind if I have “free” time. If there is such a thing. I very much look forward to the long runs. My break. That’s a funny statement, but true. I love them. But, the rain, I do not love. I suited up and stood at the door for a good 10 minutes not wanting to go out. If someone handed me ski goggles and a parka, I probably would have put it on for the run. It was just one of those days where I didn’t want to be cold. Or wet. Too bad for me. Stepping out of my itty bitty comfort zone. Do it. I finally took the first step out the door. It was like I was jumping out of a plane, taking that plunge out into the cold rain. I’ve never been skydiving, but I can only imagine that jumping from an aircraft from an insane elevation and running out into slightly blistery, chilly but not too cold weather are very similar experiences and require much the same “do or die” mentality. thought you would agree.

iphone pics 385

Put the gloves and the headband on at the last minute. SOOOO glad I did. Lifesaver. Those are Old Navy “compression” tights – I get them in “tall” size and they still don’t cover my ankles. I wouldn’t really call them compression, but they are fantastic, especially for less than $20.

On a scale of 1-10, this run was a 5. I completed it. It was a fantastic run. I felt great. But I didn’t hit my goal pace, and I was ALL OVER THE MAP in terms of pace. I don’t like this. I want to be consistent. I am HORRIBLE at pacing. I am clueless about my pace if I don’t look at the garmin. My goal was to slow this one down. Try to keep around 7:45 min miles. This was kind of a hilly run.

iphone pics 389

I didn’t slow it down to the 7:45 pace. I was kind of close – 7:24 pace. Not really close. I get anxious that with all the hills, that my pace will get too slow. So, I end up keeping the pace a tad faster, to compensate for the slow down that never happens. Let me explain…here are the splits and you can see how spastic my times are…

iphone pics 392

That first mile was a “test” to see if I could handle my pace without looking at the watch, like a big girl. I failed. I actually thought I was going slower than that. Then look at all those other miles! They are all over the place. Granted, some are due to the hills, but still. The last mile was on purpose. I had planned on pushing the last mile a little bit.

iphone pics 390

Lessons learned

  • I am an idiot when it comes to my own pace. Gotta keep working on that. More me, less garmin looking every 20 seconds.
  • I love to run. This is why…no matter where you start, you never stop getting stronger, faster, better at your own run. There is always room for improvement – no matter what your level is. It never stops being challenging. You can always do better. You can always learn something – about running, about yourself, about training and what works and what doesn’t. Love it.
  • Hills are fantastic. Do the hills.
  • As a result of some good reading in The Runner’s Body and a timely email from a very knowledgeable reader – I used no fuel for this 20. My body was none the wiser. I did have breakfast about an hour and a half before I left, a packet of oatmeal. Other than that, I didn’t take anything. I didn’t get hungry. I didn’t get tired. I’m sure my muscles would have enjoyed some delicious glycogen in the form of sport beans, but they are in training, too. It’s all about training my body to use fat as an alternate energy source to carbs. That was the other reason I wanted to slow the pace down. I am not going to get into the whole reasoning behind it now. 1, because I don’t really know a lot about it, and 2, what I do know, I don’t want to get into details in this post. I will work on a more educated post about it and about what I read from The Runner’s Body. I made sure to refuel after the run. In a timely manner, to repair and replenish those baby muscles.
  • Running in less than ideal situations is not going to kill me. It may near drown me, but it won’t kill me. I’m the type that usually likes the cookie cutter, perfect race situations. And I’ve been very lucky with the races I’ve done. But, that won’t always be the case. Use the crappy weather to train for it. You probably won’t see me out there in a hurricane, but I can handle some rain.

2. Workout #2 – I ran on Sunday – the day AFTER my 20. This is a first for me. I usually pull the “I just ran 20 miles yesterday, I can’t possibly run anymore miles more than 24 hours later”. That’s a load of crap for me. One reason being that Sundays have been a rest day for me. When I really think about it, that is a waste of a perfect running day. I need to use the weekend to get miles in because the weekdays are unpredictable for me. I lose a good run day if I rest on Sunday, when there may also be a day or two during the week that I was planning on running and it can’t happen for some reason. (That happened today) #2 reason is I am in shape enough where running the day after a long run should not be an issue. It is probably good for me. Whaddya know. It was another great run. AND…..I kept it slow! Recovery. Let the muscles heal and get all the crazy running toxins out. Whoa. Too exciting. 8.75 miles. felt like I could have run 10 more. I nailed the 7:45 pace on the head. Would probably have been good to even go a little slower. I have a small fear of the “8” minute mile. That’s discussion for another day. Or maybe a therapist. All these things I learn about myself when I am running.

3. Hello. My name is Katie and I am addicted to Lululemon. I blame it on my mom. It’s not my fault. She gave me a gift card for Christmas. That got me into the store and now I can’t stay out. Thank you mom. In all seriousness, THANK YOU. I didn’t know what I was missing. Shirts with long torsos and long arms. Pants that don’t move around when I run and that make my 8 foot long legs look even longer. Who doesn’t want these things??? I’m in. I took my little Anna there with me and the sales people were in full force “kill the customers with kindness and off the wall energy” mode. They must keep an IV of caffeine behind the counter. There was a level of peppiness and energy I have never experienced before. WOW. I may have added a couple things to my collection.

4. I treated myself for a long run not well done with a little Ben and Jerry’s Frozen yogurt. I was trying to get Anna to get some sort of chocolate ice cream so that I could do what any good mom does and steal bites off of her little sundae. I almost had her, until she saw the rainbow sherbet. It’ll get them every time. It must be the pink and orange swirl that speaks to them, “pick me little kids, it’s like a little rainbow party in your cup. I’m way better than chocolate fudgy gooeyness”. All lies. But my kids go for it every time. Not my thing. I was forced to get my own baby cup of chocolate.

iphone pics 387

I had no choice but to get a treat for myself. I had to feed that pretty vein bulging from my forehead. It was hungry. I think it must mean I’m really smart, all that blood flowing to my head.

5. Workout #3 – starimaster – easy 50 minutes. I set my alarm for 4:45 to get to the gym for an easy 6-8 miles today. I was actually so looking forward to this run, that I couldn’t sleep last night – or that may have been because a certain 2 year old couldn’t sleep last night, nor could a certain 5 year old who ended up in my bed – either way, I kept looking at the clock. Unnamed 2 year old got up at 4:30, and I was so excited to have 15 more minutes to sleep. I should have just gotten up, because either I didn’t hear the alarm, or it didn’t go off. He got up for the day at 5:15, at which point it was too late for me to go to the gym because I had to workout with a friend at 6:15. BUT, glad I ran yesterday! Point proven on making the best of Sunday as a non rest day. I was still very much missing my miles today, but I got on the stairmaster because like I said, my home treadmill and I are not on good terms. I will run tomorrow. With some tempo and speed.

6. I got the new issue of RUNNER’S WORLD. My husband pretended to throw it out and this made my heart skip a beat. Don’t do that.

iphone pics 391

I always wonder how they pick these seemingly random cover people? Sometimes it’s a well known runner, other times, it’s not. curious. I don’t hear them knocking on my door. I’m unknown. Pick me pick me. 🙂 Whilst I was stepping away, I got a chance to read through it a little bit. LOTS of good info in this one. I will share at a later date some of my favorite things from this issue. because my favorite things should be your favorite things too. for real. or maybe your favorite things should be mine. that’s probably a better idea. or you will end up spending way too much money on Lululemon, designer jeans and dark chocolate.

7. I am beginning the countdown to marathon #1 of the year. 40 days. Shoot. That’s not very long. Long enough for me to start going crazy about it!!! I can do that just as well, if not better, than I can run it. I need to learn how to divert some of that anxious energy into training, planning and running energy. My poor poor husband. He is a good man. For dealing with my running ramblings and nonsense. I think he’s learning how to ignore like any good husband.

8. I’ve been wearing these little beauties all day.

My apologies - those feet are ugly as sin. Not sure a pedicure would even help.

If you think that vein in my forehead looks big, you should see the ones in my legs. not pretty. They need all the help they can get. I usually wear them on the longer runs, but I was wearing the leggings, and that combo doesn’t work so well. They are great for recovery as well. They make my calfs feel happy and relaxed and loved.

So that’s the 411 on what’s went down this past weekend.  I’m working on some nutrition posts and other fun stuff.  I’m not sure what happened, but I posted this yesterday, and it wasn’t up today, and all of the bottom part was gone.  hmmmm.  what’s up wordpress.  You don’t like my post?  Anyway, here the weekend confessional post is again.  I’m sure I left out some very witty comments that I had originally put in, such is life. 

I want to know….

How was everyone’s weekend? 

Any good running?  Any races happen that I should know about?

Do you wear compression socks? 

I think I had some other questions that I can’t remember.  Feel free to fill me in on your super spectacular lives that are probably way more interesting than mine 😉