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When the running gets tough…stop???


Run today – 5.5 miles, 37.75min.  Rolling hills, one good hill climb 

The plan was to do 8 miles in roughly 56 min or less. 

Hello ITBS (SUPERcool with the abbreviations – Illiotibial band syndrome) I didn’t know what it was until I was training for my first marathon in 2008.  I ran for 13 miles of the race with pretty significant IT band pain.  NOT fun.  October 2011 marathon – no IT band issues – just lots of other pain:)  November 2011 marathon – severe IT band probs going on – didn’t know how I was going to finish that one – and the saga continues. 

But, I don’t really like complainers, and  I DON”T like to complain about pain.  QUICK perspective – I have given birth to 3 children – all without pain medication.  This is not for bragging rights.  Really just because the thought of someone sticking a giant needle into my spinal cord scared me more than the thought of pushing out a baby without it.  It’s not normal.  #3 was almost born on the highway.  Walked into labor and delivery with him at 7:41 am and he was on the table at 7:55 am – no exaggeration.  And no time for anything to ease the pain.

5 days before #3, Luke, was born

So – I like to think I can handle pain.   Normally I would run through pain – I’m of the “push it till you wanna puke”, “no pain, no gain” mentality – but the more I understand about running, the more I learn that IF YOUR LEGS DON’T WORK, YOU CANT RUN!!!  I know ground-breaking revelations happening in CT – it just gets better – I’m smart AND I can run!

Back to today – another long story short – is that there are five children in my house this week age 5 and under – craziness ensues.  That’s how we do Christmas break.  What??  That doesn’t sound like fun??  When the SIL offered me a run, there was no way I was passing on THAT opportunity – I was going to run fast and far. 


This is what happens when they get the camera - lovely, I know. I get to see that beauty all day - everyday:)

Anyway, I hit mile 4 and the trusty ‘ole knee decides to give me a little attitude – not cool.  Body says “keep going, you feel great!!”  Mind says “keep going and you’ll kill your knee!”  I did choose the wiser option and ended the run early:(  

I hobbled my sad little self back home and promised my knee I would give it some TLC tonight – the foam roller and my hip have a hot date;-)

I may be gimpy, but I look cute doing it!  Outfit of the day:  complete with yesterdays makeup and everything – trying to make it last.   

TJ Maxx Climawear top, love it. Lululemon skirt, LOVE it. Asics speedstar sneaks, love them.

    What is your favorite running outfit/sneaker?

What is the worst running injury you have had?