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My Treadmill is better than your treadmill


Workout – Treadmill 9 miles, 7:20 pace

I got my first official marathon training run in today!  Party for Katie.  I think I’m going to like this training plan thing.  day 1 and I’m sold.  if you’ve never done a training plan, definitely check out smartcoach.  Anyway, I  had to do the first three miles and than stop for 15 minutes to get my daughter ready for her carpool ride to school, than I jumped back on for 6.  I realize that ideally you are supposed to run the whole distance at once.  but I don’t live in an ideal world.  ideally I would have a live in nanny to clean my house and take the kids to school.  or better yet, she could run for me.     

Either way, I got it done.  on the treadmill.  in my basement furnace (I think it was only 84 degress down there today)  staring at this.  for one hour.  and 6 minutes.  do you see something missing in that corner?

lonely little corner wishing for a TV

Yes, a TV!!!  No TV in the basement.  We tend to move rooms around in the house.  Sometimes this is the playroom, sometimes the workout room.  right now it’s sort of an elective catch all room that is missing a TV.  the only entertainment I get is this.

their alter ego's today were Hannah Montana and Myley Cyrus. aren't I lucky I get that kind of entertainment. for free. sometimes they are taylor swift. a little better.


So I am probably one of the most easy going, people pleasing, don’t cause problems type of person you will ever meet.  with that, I am also fiercly competetive.  with running.  don’t know where that little streak came from, but it’s there.  so, naturally I have probably one of the nicest, high tech treadmills around so that I can get the best training at home.  I don’t even think you can find this baby anywhere in stores. 

look at that pretty little thing. simple and understated.

Ok, maybe I exaggerated a little bit.  don’t think it gets more basic than this my friends.  probably comparable to a giant hamster wheel as far as its technology goes.  but it gets the job done.  Notice it has a sliding switch to set the pace.  the speed setting go something like “slow”, “fast”, “faster”, “fastest”.  If I breathe on it wrong the pace increases or decreases by .5mph.  Then the incline button is just up or down, depending on how long you hold your finger there.  Who really needs to know the exact pace they are running or have any idea what incline you are on on.  not me.  this treadmill was free.  on loan from my sister in law.  free is good.  don’t really care what it does as long as the belt moves when I plug it in.  The pace according to the program was supposed to be 7:36 min/miles.  really?  do we have to get that specific?  7:20 will have to do on my prehistoric treadmill.  can’t dial it in that much with my sliding speed adjuster!

That concludes day 1 of training, and I’m pretty darn proud of myself for going from planning on doing nothing but resting all day, eating chocolates and watching soaps to running 9 miles.  

And I will leave you with this – my little green goblin, loving on his little pacifier.  think of me at 4:30 am, in your dreams, peacefully slumbering, because I will be up.  entertaining my little monster.