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Run, Run, Run


Workout – stairmaster, at home, 52 minutes – 7.5 miles

I’m not actually running.  at all.  and I have no plans to run for the better part of the next two weeks until I’m feeling 100% confident that my shins are not going to snap in half.  because that could really happen.  I’m sure of it.  but I am running.  it’s one of those weeks, where I am running non stop.  go go go.  my day is broken up into two chunks of time – morning kindergarten and afternoon preschool.  everyday.  I have two little chunks of time to do “things” that need doing before I need to be at home to greet a child off the bus or pick a child up from school.  generally, child #3 takes a nap in the afternoon chunk of time, and homebound we stay.  today there were too many things to do, so the morning and afternoon chunks were filled to the brim with non-stop, non-exciting, and very uneventful action.  but action nonetheless.  no time for words today.  so I’m giving you a mostly picture post.  of the less than exhilarating “things” that we did.  all of which I will expound upon at a later date.  most likely Monday because I can already forsee the weekend being gobbled up by many other “things” in the calendar – like replacement long runs, birthday parties and a little overnight getaway with the hubs.

Here is the day in mostly pictures.  some words. 

Today was technically a rest day – but I’m not feeling like I’ve really “earned” the rest day, because I really haven’t been running this week.  and cross training is kind of like resting, and I’m feeling the need to get in as much cross training as I can in the next two weeks to make up for not running ….so I skipped the gym….but the basement stairmaster was calling my name….and so the day begins….

iphone pics 538

 living in compression socks…


iphone pics 539

Multi-tasking on the stairmaster….and here’s a little tidbit courtesy of Runner’s World that I couldn’t agree more on…because running is so mental…

iphone pics 542


breakfast all around…

iphone pics 536


trying not to procrastinate anymore on this tiny little important thing….taxes are so fun

tax pic


wearing bathing suits last week….hot chocolate this week…

iphone pics 540


iphone pics 541




iphone pics 537

then real shopping….(no, I did not make Luke skip his nap to go here.  he insisted that we go.  begged me to go.)

iphone pics 544


iphone pics 545


I think I’ve found ‘the pair’….it’s like finding the PERFECT pair of jeans….tough….

and more fun stuff….

iphone pics 543

would someone please reassure me that that vein is not going to eat me alive…just frightening….the ‘stick’ and I are very excited to work together.

snacking…sorry, almond milk, you didn’t make the picture…

iphone pics 524


and here we are.  Friday afternoon.  I have used up my allotted sit on my bum and waste time time, and best get to being a productive member of this family.  I think my HOW TO FRIDAY’S are going to be sporadic and sparse, until I start planning ahead and actually have them set up before hand.  I’ve got a few ideas, but for the most part my creative juices are all dried up.  actually, they were never really overflowing in the first place.  I’m more of a math and science kind of girl.  not sure I have a creative bone in my body.  until then, friday’s posts will probably be no different in nature than any of my other rambling but thoroughly entertaining, thought provoking, who ever let this girl ever get near blog world and how does she possibly make it through life, kind of post.  they will be that good.  I promise.

For any newer readers, here are a few older How To Fridays…





Race prep



Talk to me People!!!

What’s going on this weekend??

Tell me about upcoming races?

Tell me about how you injured your shins too, and they healed so nicely and quickly and you went on to have a massive PR in a race– that would make ME feel really good

Then I’ll tell you that you are a fantastic person and if you are just getting your feet wet in the fitness and healthy living world, running, working out, thinking about working out, or if you are a speedster already and are training hard to kick it up a notch – then you are a superstar and you are headed in the right direction.  and that will make YOU feel really good.  happy words make happy people.  be happy. 

win win for everyone. 

have a fantastic weekend. 

How to Friday – how to workout at home…..


with three little kids…who always want to work out with you…and need water and a snack as soon as you lift a weight…and then need to be taken to school…which is totally overrated, all that schooling and reading and academia.  I’m kidding.  School is super important.  So is reading.  And all things academic.  

Workout – today is a rest day, so I took it easy.  25 minutes on the stairmaster and a little P90X yoga that I’ve had an intense craving for this week.  Or my hamstrings had an intense craving for.  I am doing 19-20 miles tomorrow, and didn’t feel the need to kill it today.  Not like I have been killing it all week, but whatev.  Just not my week.  It happens.  At least I’m trying.  Next week will be my week.  I have big plans to make big plans on Sunday for the coming week, including workouts and meals so that I don’t go to the grocery store and wander the aisles aimlessly trying to figure out what healthy meal to prepare for that evening’s feast.  It’s all about getting into a groove.  When I’m in the groove of planning, I plan.  When I fall out of the groove, I’m a mess.  Time to get back into the groove.  It’s fun to have it all planned out.  What a stellar revelation.

I joined my gym when I was 14 years old.  I worked out at the gym in between the field hockey and lacrosse seasons.  I worked in the daycare there through high school, and I kept my membership when they changed franchises.  My husband and I had romantic morning workouts together when we were just dating.  I went back to the gym after I had each of my girls.  I give the gym daycare credit for getting me through those first couple years when my girls were really little and we had lots of time and no activities.  It kept my sanity as they safely played for an hour while I ellipticaled away.  That is a word. 

The gym and I go way back.  The downward spiral started when they cut the time limit in the daycare to 1 hour.  It was not nice.  And then they put a limit on 20 kids at a time in the daycare.  If you didn’t get there 5 minutes before they opened, you were turned away with an 21 month old and a seven month old and dashed hopes of an endorphin lifting workout.  Then, if you can imagine, they cut the childcare program all together.  Tragedy.  Truly a sad day.  But everything happens for a reason.  I wasn’t willing to pay $135 a month for the other gym in town.  So I cancelled my membership.  After more than 10 years there.  For more than 2 years I did not set foot into a gym.  I worked out at home and started running.  I rejoined this past fall.  I love the gym, but now I have a much easier time working out at home and have no anxiety about not getting to the gym.  Now, the gym gives me a good balance to the home workouts.  I daresay I got into the best shape I had ever been in NOT working out in the gym. 

Some people need the gym, trainers, equipment and the motivation of going somewhere to workout.  But, it is completely possible to get a great workout at home as well.  The workout is only part of it – remember, physical exercise is only 20% of the fitness picture.  Nutrition makes up the majority.  Whether you work out hardcore at the gym, or at home – none of it will matter if your diet, or I should say nutrition, sucks.  

The following is How To Workout at Home – Katie Style.  which means minimal equipment.  minimal investment.  minimal fuss.  maximal fun, excitement and sweat.  You can totally go crazy with all sorts of different paraphanalia, but right now I’m just talking about baisc, old fashioned, standard fitness equiptment.  Nothing new and trendy.  No bands, bosu’s or other things of the sort – although I like all of those things.  I just don’t have time to talk about every single different option out there.  This is what you will need to make your home workout environment a success.     

1. Weights

Have some basic weights on hand.  You don’t need a fancy shmancy weight set to get toned and buff.  Or not buff, just toned.  A five, eight and ten pound set should be good.  Maybe a 15.  Another good thing to have on hand is a kettlebell or two.  This will lend to some variety in the home workout.  Last thing – a medicine ball is always fun.  If not to just let the kids play with while you try to get the real work done.     

2. Videos

I love working out with videos.  Like I said above, there are a lot of new fangled fancy internet workouts that I just can’t and don’t have the desire to get into.  If I tried to copy a workout from my computer, we would end up on pbskids.org watching and playing The Cat in the Hat games (by the way, happy bday to Dr. Suess!).  Not gonna happen.  I’m sticking with the DVD’s and the TV.

Have a handful of videos to rotate so that you don’t get bored and you don’t plateau on them.  All different types.  A couple of my favorites ladies to workout with are: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30.  

I don’t actually follow this from start to finish.  I just pick one that I want to do.  I like this because it incorporates some exercises that get your heart rate up.  It’s a 3-2-1 method of strength, cardio, abs.  And I like the random Jackie Warner one that I bought. 

Pretty basic.  She’s not very high energy or anything like JM, but it is a good workout.  Another one I love is the P90X, which I also don’t follow in any order or the way it should be.  I don’t like following directions.  I like to do things my way.  A couple of my favorite P90X ones are the yoga, and the plyometrics. 

You can get individual P90X dvd’s on ebay.  You can buy anything on ebay.  True story.

When I was doing one of my long runs on the gym treadmill with no headphones, I was stuck watching and reading closed captioning for this workout series….

I almost bought it.  If I had my credit card.  It was that convincing.  And I never had a single thought about needing to lift my rear before being subjected to this informercial.  And I would have ordered one for my sister, my mom, my friend, my friends mom and anyone else who has a rear.  I refrained.  Those Saturday morning treadmill long runs are dangerous.  Too many infomercials. 

Point being, have a variety of different workout dvd’s on hand.  Keep it fresh.              

3. Magazines

We all know how I feel about SHAPE magazine.  I rip out the workouts and put them in pretty little sheet protectors and stick them in a binder for a rainy day.  I like to do my own fun circuits at home, and these help ignite the workout with some ideas, if I need them.  The fun thing is that SHAPE always has different types of circuit workouts.  So, I  have quite the selection of exercises to choose from to give me ideas of what to do.  Some of them are really good.  Some, not so much.  I don’t rip those ones out.

iphone pics 193


I even labeled the binder.  That way I don’t forget that I’m not in highschool anymore and that flashy pink binder is not my chemistry homework, but my spectacular collection of exercises.  Magazines are a great source for at home workouts. 

iphone pics 194

4. Yoga mat

This is just a good thing to have on hand.  You can find them anywhere, for pretty cheap.   

5. Water bottle

Hydrate.  done.  no explanation except get it ready before you begin your workout so you aren’t stopping mid session to gulp down a glass.  leaving you with a horrible cramp and the excuse that you can’t finish because you feel like your stomach is ripping apart.  or you have bubbles sloshing around while you are doing jumping jacks.  

6. Snacks

This would be for the kids, if you have them, and are trying to keep them occupied while you are toning and buffing.  Set the kids up before you start with snacks, games, books, activities to keep them busy while you are doing your thing.  Think ahead of anything they could possibly want or need and take care of it first.  minimize interruptions.    

7. Convenience

Store your at home workout accessories in a place that is convenient to use and easy to get to, yet out of the way.  The last thing you need to be doing is gathering weights from the recesses of  your home, trying to find that 2lb dumbell and yoga mat.  Keep them all in a place that you can easily get to them to get going.   

8. Back to the basics and multi-task

Don’t underestimate the basic exercises; pushups, pullups, planks, tricep dips on a chair, etc.  You can use a lot of household items to assist in getting in shape.  Babies work pretty well too.  Strap that little person in a front carrier and start working.  Sit him on your belly and crunch time!  You think I’m kidding.  I’m totally serious.  These all work wonders for the muscles.  You can do a lot with your own body weight as resistance training and no weights at all.  I am all about multi-tasking my workout as well.  I don’t like to work just one body part.  I like to use different balance positions to challenge different muscle groups at the same time.  It’s like getting the most bang for your buck in terms of time spent exercising.  Why workout just your biceps when you can be doing quads at the same time.  No brainer to me.  In this recent issue of SHAPE, they had one of my favorite ways to do this – plie squats.  I will do plie squats with any and every upper body exercise.  Those, and lunges.  Fantastic.       


iphone pics 381

 9. Timer

If you do like to do your own circuits at home, or out of a magazine or from a website – a timer is a must. 


This is a gymboss timer.  I don’t have one of these.  I just use an app on my phone that is a timer and it’s a pain in the butt because I have to physically stop, reset and pay attention to it.  I tried a bootcamp class, and this is what the instructor used.  It seemed like it worked pretty well.  You set the intervals – the workout and rest period that you want to do and it beeps when you are supposed to change.  No stopping, checking and resetting a stop watch.  nice.  and it’s pink.  even better.     

10. Cardio

If you are like me, and you like to get a GOOD cardio workout in, too – take it to the streets.  Put on the sneaks and get outside.  I have put many many miles in walking and running with two kids in a double jogger.  That’s pushing minimum 75 lbs.  That’s a workout.  Brisk walking is a great workout as well.  You could also think about investing in a piece of cardio equipment for your home.  My stairmaster has a very special place in my heart.  I’ve had it as long as I’ve had my oldest daughter.  Yes, she has a more special place in my heart.  Do not worry.  But, it was a good investment, and we bought it used.  It was a top of the line used, though.  So it’s not breaking down weekly.  Something to think about.   

Some other fun tidbits from SHAPE mag today.  This is one reason I love the stairmaster – I can read while I’m stepping.  Thank God I picked it up in the grocery store yesterday, otherwise I never would have known this useless but necessary information.

iphone pics 376

  I guess I’m happy to be below average on that one.  At least for another 5 years!

iphone pics 377

 43% less likely to catch a cold if you exerciseAnother reason to keep it moving.  150 minutes a week.  minimum.  you won’t get sick.   


 iphone pics 375

More proof that I MUST get some good earphones that like my ears and a good playlist going.  This might have confirmed that I should run the end of the marathon with music.  I better start training with it. 



iphone pics 378


This ties in with the How to Friday post about being Happy.  Some of the things listed there are avocados, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, peppers and walnuts.  I have all of those things in my home right now.  I should be beaming with joy.  eat up! 

That’s all the fun I have for this Friday.  I was very excited about my long run tomorrow until I saw the weather forecast is 80% chance of rain.  I really love New England.  But I really want warmer weather.  Without rain.  blah.  It will not keep me down, it just might send me to the gym for 20.  can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning. 

Talk to me!

What are some of your fun workout at home tips and tricks?  Favorite workout DVD’s?  I’m always looking for good new ones!

How many of those ‘happy foods’ are in your home right now?

Who has races coming up?  Long runs this weekend?  Totally relaxing and enjoying life?


How To Friday – how to race prep


Workout – ever loving rest day.  thank you very much.  It worked well that Fridays are usually a “rest from running” day.  I usually do something else.  but today I took a complete and utter rest day.  which included sleeping until 7 am.  yahoo, thanks to the hubs.  I guess that means it’s my morning to get up with boy wonder tomorrow.  blah.  I had actually toying with the idea of doing a nice and easy few miles, but wasn’t clued in to the weather we were having today….

iphone pics 313

That would be snow.  50’s yesterday.  snow today.  I opted out of that run.  and am ever so thankful that this snow happened today and not tomorrow.  back into the 40’s and sunny tomorrow.  prayers are answered. 

iphone pics 322

or maybe I should have prayed more specifically – do you see that wind forecast?!?!  that is for tomorrow.  it’s only 27 mph.  shouldn’t be a big deal going up these hills…


That is just fantastic.  looking forward to it.  every single part of it.

I thought it only fitting to do a “how to” about race preparation, seeing as I have a race tomorrow.  If you have been reading for a little bit, you are well aware that I am slightly neurotic all the time before a race.  doesn’t matter what the race is.  I could be racing into a pile of poop, but if it’s a race and people are competing, you can bet I’ll get crazy about it. 

One funny and annoying thing I do – you can ask my husband – is walk around the house the week before a race with a calculator practically attached to my hip figuring out what different paces put me at different finish times.  told you.  I’m crazy.  I like numbers.  and it gives me something to do.  because I get pretty bored around here with my three young children, my husband, “keeping house”, cooking, cleaning and keeping fit as a fiddle.  all in a days work, you know.  and I still couldn’t tell you what pace puts me at what finish time.  I guess I’ll just leave the pace to my garmin. 

let’s begin.  and this is all subjective info that pops off the top of my head.  most of which I have done none of today, in preparation for my race tomorrow.  because I was too busy figuring out my pace and finish time.  😉

How To Prepare for a Race

1 – sleep.  this is very important.  Sleep is not so important the night before a race, but two nights before a race.  I generally never sleep well before a race.  So I try to make it happen the night before the night before race day. 

2- rest.  take it easy the day before.  I don’t think going for a run is bad, but don’t get anxious and do some crazy new exercise or speed work.  that would be silly. 

3- hydrate

iphone pics 320

as if my pace calculating didn’t seal the ‘katie is crazy’ deal for you, that is a water bottle with a filter in it.  and that is conversation for another post coming up.  I like it.  will explain later. 

Don’t hydrate so much that you will float away, but keep a water bottle with you.  full of water.  not juice.  and sip it all day.  I’m thinking the two cups of iced coffee I had today probably should have been water.  Can’t get enough of that stuff. 

4- eat.  my take on the carbo loading thing…I don’t find it totally necessary to “carb load” before half marathons or under.  If you are eating a healthy diet, especially leading up to the days before this distance, I think our bodies have enough reserve to get through the 13.1 miles, especially if you are like me and plan on taking 1 or 2 energy supplements during the race.  I feel like people can overdo the whole carb loading and use the race as an excuse to eat a ton of pasta and carbohydrates.  this usually only serves to weigh you down on race day.  I try to just replace some of my protein meals the day before with complex, whole grain carbohydrates.  donuts, cake, cookies – these don’t count.  not a good idea.  Some people like to cut out fiber and fatty foods for the days leading up to a race to prevent the humiliation that might ensue if a porta potty is nowhere to be found.  I don’t generally cut out fiber.  I eat pretty clean and my race morning anxiety tends to do a good job of emptying the bowels before a run.  This is something where you just need to know your body and what works.  Likewise, don’t try any new foods the day before.  And I try to eat on the earlier side.  we always eat on the earlier side, but don’t make 8pm dinner reservations.  Give your body time to digest.  So, your calories don’t need to be through the roof the day before a race.  they just need to be in the form of energy you can use to run – think oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain bread, veggies, fruit.  My dinner is always this –

iphone pics 319

I told you this was my new favorite sweatshirt.  it’s important to stay comfortable, at all times. 

Pasta with a little olive oil and I usually throw in some ground beef.  I don’t eat a lot of red meat, and it’s good for the iron.  I love the Barilla Plus pasta.  It has a good amount of protein, and carbs.  I do like my protein.  and you don’t need to eat the whole box.  a normal serving will do.  and have a snack later if it’s not enough.  

5- lay it all out.  This has been my motto regarding running, working out, exercising – if you feel good in what you are wearing, you will have a better workout.  You will work harder.  Run in an old ratty college shirt, and you will probably feel old and ratty and not like you can conquer the world.  Run in a cute, matching, fitting outfit and you will feel like you can do anything.  this is a fact. This may also justify my pre-race lululemon purchases 😉  that’s also for another post.  I may or may not have gone to lululemon.  two times.  in one day.  it is a strong possibility.  Anyway, get the outfit out, put together, ready to go.  Get your race fuel out, ready to go.  Get your breakfast ready, if you can.  I drink iced coffee, not hot – I usually make that the night before so I can get up and start drinking early.  coffee that is.  Get everything – iPod, if you run with music, sneakers, socks, race bib, race information – have it all ready and set so that you are not running around on the way out the door trying to find a sock. 

6- take a breath.  have fun.  I am totally that person that obviously makes a bigger deal out of everything than is necessary on any level, ie: pace/finish time calculations, tracking weather patterns, looking up past years results, normal things like that.  I remind myself constantly to Keep it Fun.  I do this for fun and because it makes me happy.  I do want to keep it that way.  let the craziness and any anxiousness roll away. 


What are some of your pre-race preparation tips and tricks? 

What kind of miles is everyone putting in this weekend? 

Is there a specific food you like to eat before every race you do? 


How to Friday – Randomness


Being the procrastinator that I am, I do not have a “how to friday” prepared for you lovelies today.  but we are going to call it “how to friday” anyway and have a random discussion of this random day.  complete with pictures that my kids may or may not have taken of myself and each other.  lets do it.

1. I have broken my wash my hair every 3 days rule to preserve the color and beautiful texture  rule and have washed my hair 3 days in a row.  and will probably wash it tomorrow.  that makes four.  not good. 

2. I have successfully made a trip to the grocery store every single day this week.  the checkout lady remembered that I bought Anna gum the other day when she was complaining that I wouldn’t buy her any today.  scary.  that really takes a lot of determination and disorganization.  true talent I have.  and it will be twice today because I talked the whole time I was there this morning and then had to go home to get my daughter so that she didn’t get taken back to the busyard.

3. I have a really hard time taking my coat off once I get in the house.  sometimes I walk around with it for an hour or two.  it’s just so comfy.  but not really.  it gets kind of in the way, especially if I keep the hood on.  but I still do it.  photo courtesy of Anna.   

I know. it's a crazy hood. it should have come with directions. I'm not quite sure how to work it.

4. I added almond extract to my green shake today.  whoa.  took it to a whole ‘nother level.  what have I been missing. 

5. I’ve been making myself green shakes probably twice a day for the past 7-10 days.  nothing more to say about that. 

6. I made my husband a delightful salad for lunch.  It doesn’t look so delightful in the picture, but it looked pretty tasty in person. 

7. Anna wanted me to take a picture of her with her bunny.  this was a retake because the first one had the ear in bunny’s face.  unacceptable.  Luke jumped in.  he has some alterior motives going on for sure.  anna has crazy face in full gear, too. 

8. I am kind of completely stressing about my 18 miles tomorrow in a love/hate way for a # of reasons – I love the long runs.  I hate running in cold weather.  I love how I feel when they are over.  I hate running that long on the treadmill.  16 miles last week was long enough.  I have to figure out how I’m going to complete this run because it’s supposed to be 25 degrees in the morning.  there is nothing to look forward to about that.  I’m trying to recruit people to keep me company.  not working.  if there are any locals reading and you see me out there running, feel free to jump in for a mile or two or 18.  I don’t care how fast or slow you are. 

9. I think I love naptime more than any other part of the day.  Luke’s naptime.  it’s just so nice having a break from pulling him off the counter, the island, the table, the bookshelves.  so nice.

10. I ordered stuff for the kids from the Gap online two weeks ago when they were having a great sale.  I have been waiting for it, wondering why the shipping is taking so long.  I just checked to see why it hasn’t come yet.  turns out I never placed the order.  that’s a bummer.   

11. Last, confession.  Davey, if you are reading this, close your eyes.  I may have cheated the cleanse today and gotten an iced coffee.  I will not confirm 100%.  it’s a maybe.  I just couldn’t hang.  forgive me.  that feels better.  on a good note – the hubs has lost 6lbs this week!  he has willpower.  5 days.  way to go man.

Any fun workout plans for the weekend?  long runs? 

Superbowl parties???

What’s your favorite time of the day?

How to Friday 3rd edition – How to get Fast(er)


Workout – 8 miles, 58 min. treadmill run 1% incline. 

I’ve had a couple emails and comments expressing interest in speed and how to get faster.   Being the running guru that I am, I will share with you what I came up with…..in my “how to Friday” speal. 

wisdom from Katie.  always proceed with caution.   none of the information is based on anything scientific or proven.  just what happens when I charge up the garmin and put on the sneaks.  and is purely what comes out of my pretty little head.  I read, sometimes, so I’m sure some of it stuck at some point.  so here’s my 2 cents.  which is worth more like $20, but I’m giving it to you lovely people for free.  because I really like you. 

Short and sweet answer – RUN FASTER.  if you want the expanded version…read on. 

A few things you must take into account:

1. Your goals – is your goal to win the Olympics?  Increase your pace by 30secs a mile?  60secs a mile?  or get your personal best.  start with GOALS. 

2.  You should have a starting point.  Know what your 1 mile pace is, or your comfortable running pace.  If you don’t know, go to a track or run a flat mile on the road and time it.   I know that I can pretty comfortably run a __fill in the blank__ mile.

3. Have a foundation.  Before you work on getting faster.  Know that you can run a certain distance, say 3, 5, 7 miles – on a regular basis – comfortably. 

4.  Get to know your body while you are building the foundation.  What hurts, what works, how you run.  I am the last person to get all technical about overpronating, heel striking,  mumbo jumbo crazy talk.  I don’t know what it means.  because I don’t really care.  maybe I should care.  but I dont give it much thought.  You might care.  go to a specialty running store and have them asses you.  I know what sneakers work for me and I know the little tweaks of my body.  I also know I have IT band issues.  I know what pain is bad pain and what pain I can run through.  get to know your running body.


1. OK, goal is set.  Now you have to get there.  My #1 favorite thing that worked for ME, was investing in a Garmin, or gps watch.  Hands down, best running “equipment” we’ve ever bought.  My wonderful hubby bought it for me for Valentines day last year.  if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.  actually, I do know what Love is – it’s how I feel about my garmin when I put it on for a run children and husband when I get to spend quality time with them.  He got it on Amazon for under $200, last February.  Go get it. 

The reason I like this so much is because it’s telling you your pace.  so if your comfortable pace is a 9 min mile and you want to go faster, then you make sure you move your little legs so that watch tells you your pace is faster.  sometimes you may feel like you are running fast, but you are really moving like a turtle.  and vice versa.  this will tell you if you actually are moving fast.  or not.   

2.  Run on a treadmill.  You HAVE to go faster if you put the speed up.  but you have to put the speed up.  no questions asked.  your legs must move.  when you get comfortable, up the speed. 

3.  Be consistent.  doing a faster run once every 3 weeks will get you NO WHERE.  fast.  do what works for you, but routinely incorporate it into your schedule.  at the same time – you have to put in the miles.  I don’t think you have to put in 40 or even 30 miles a week.  put what you can put in has to be quality.  if gaining speed is your goal. 

4.  Do fartleks and hills.  WHO THE HECK CAME UP WITH THAT WORD!?  Fartlek is basically interjecting fast spurts at whatever length of time you choose and whatever speed you choose into your run.  Hills – make your legs strong and use different muscles.  do them. 

5.  Gaining speed is NOT EASY.  if it were easy, it wouldn’t be WORK.  you would just BE fast already.  it’s going to be tough.  the workouts will be tough.  don’t stop as soon as it gets hard.  keep going.  don’t stop at all unless you are hit by a car or run over by a stampede of elephants.  neither of which should happen.  This will help you gain mental strength as well – by keeping it going even when it’s hard.  Also know that you will just have BAD run days when it really sucks.  but that’s not a bad thing.  let them go. 

6.  Pick up some weights a few times a week.  weights = strong muscles = strong run.  period. 

This is what has worked for me.  I have run through having 3 kids, when my pace got into the 9-10 minute mile range.  That is SLOW for me.  I never thought I would get my speed back.  with PATIENCE , WORK, and GOALS, it happens. 

And BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  if you think positive thoughts, positive things will happen.  if you BELIEVE you are fast, can get faster, are strong and can get stronger – you will.  that I know. 

this post is seriously lacking in fun pictures to keep your attention.  if you have made it this far – here’s my gift to you for sticking it out.  much love. 

marathon finish line. complete misery.


she's too cool. for anyone.


mile 57 of V100. telling hubs to "pick up the pace slow poke!!!"


luke. no explanation needed.

Happy Friday friends!!!!
Tell me your super fun plans for the weekend!?
What are some of your tricks for getting faster?
We are supposed to get snow tomorrow, any snow in the forecast for you?

How To Friday #2


How To Friday – 2nd edition – How to….have BALANCE in life. 

I am well versed on these issues of balance.  because I say I am.   because I’m a mom.  and a runner.  and an educated person with a degree in human development and family studies (not sure what that means either, but I paid a heck of a lot of money for it) and lots of other things.  I have lived the long life of 29 years, upon which much wisdom has been gained.  I will impart to you.  always giving. 

I think there are 3 important parts to BALANCE –  MIND, BODY, SOUL.  You can’t only work, only run, only be a mom, or just eat chocolate and watch reality tv all day. You have to feed all the different parts.   Too much or too little of anything will leave you walking sideways.  I’ve seen it happen.  ain’t perty. 

Let’s talk mind.  There are a few good ways to accomodate your mind. 

Read – here are a few at the top of my list.  hoping to get to them tonight.    I welcome any recommendations, although these have some pretty good life lessons. 

page turners.

Listen to music.  A four year old singing every word of a Taylor Swift song is fantastic.

watch out Taylor

Reach out of your comfort zone and do something to expand your horizons and stretch your limits.  Like wearing sneakers with skinny jeans.  or horizontal stripes.  or holding a baby. 

does that work? no? better luck next time?

or you could think bigger and join a good cause or organiziation.  *on a serious note (what are you talking about, this is all serious!), I would like to actually volunteer at a race or three this year, that supports a good cause – instead of running them. 

Next is body – get in tune with your body.  keep it healthy.  I work it to the max with cardio and some strength.  Remember to nourish it with good food, and stretching or some different activities. 

My daughter forced me into this one and then captured it for all posterity. she’s tricky.  practicing my arabesque – that ain’t perty. 

we have a mini living room. all about transparency on this little blogger. there are worse pics of me.

Getting your veggies – even if they are in carbohydrate form.  in a box. 

Barilla must have known my kids weren't getting their RDA of veggies.

Lastly is your soul.  I think this may be the most important.  Start and finish your day on a positive note.  I usually do this in prayer.  hiding in the bathroom.  sometimes the laundry room if the bathroom is occupado.  this is my favorite mode of prayer and quiet time:

"Streams in the Desert" serenity and peace. ahhhhh.

But for other’s, it might be quiet meditation or whatever else calms and nourishes your little spirit.

That’s all the insight I have for today friends.  Off to try out this little thing called insanity.  wish me luck. 

How do YOU maintain balance in your life? 

When do you feel unbalanced?

How to Friday


Workout – I got it in!  Stairmaster – 45 min, level 18 speed intervals. 

This is a FANTASTIC crosstraining workout. builds those quads. get on it. and pump up the level.


I’ve decided, just this second, that Friday’s post will be a “how to” post.  For the simple reason that I am abounding in knowledge that I must share with all of you.  Your loss if you don’t read.

Because I ‘m growing very fond of you blogging, you lucky people get a 3rd post for the day!!!  agreed, maybe a little excessive, but we are just getting to know each other.  and I have said I am an all or nothing person.  so today you get ALL. 

All of these posts means a few things:

My children havent eaten all day (that’s not true, Luke broke open a lipgloss, they shared)

The laundry is piling up (you now know that I don’t iron, so now there are piles of wrinkly clothes)

And the dog has eaten all the shoes (yes, I have a dog – yellow lab.  he’s precious.)

To be quite honest, I have had a very productive day………..blogging:)  I kid. really.  I am a good mom. and a good person. and my kids wear nice, clean, wrinkly free clothes.  sometimes. 


This is where the workouts happen in the winter – in the basement, 15 feet from the pellet stove. 

looks so friendly and inviting. makes you want to just pull up a stairmaster and work it. someone please call the maid. something has got to be done about that laundry.


Puts the temp down there at a toasty 87 degrees. 

our very precious antique thermostat. we are holding onto that beauty. surely it will increase in value over the next few years


How do you survive in conditions like that???

1. Drink plenty of water.

note to blogger - get to a hairdresser asap and get your blonde hair back. even if you have to get a second, third or fourth job. get some sun while your at it. and stop talking in the third person.


2. Have plenty of good reads.

Molly Sims and runner boy have been stalking me from my counter all week. time to figure out just what they have to say.


3. Don’t wear leggings/pants of any sort. 

you like that battle scar on the left leg there. it got nasty at the playground. don't mess with mama katie. actually just my reminder to NEVER go in the sun or a tanning bed. melanoma will get you every time. stay safe kids.

 And that, my friends, is how to properly survive a furnace workout. 

Best of luck to you.

Do you like to run in super crazy hot weather?

Running leggings/shorts?  What’s your preference?

What did you have for lunch today??