I’m Katie.  Technically Catherine, but more comfortable as Katie…with a “K”, not a “C” –  like the princess – my parent’s were on to something 29 30 years ago.  So you can just call me Lady Katie.  east coast royalty.  The hubster calls me Kath – kind of drives me batty, but I love him and it’s become slightly endearing.  I am a runner.  Don’t know when it happened.  Don’t know how it happened.  But, I stumbled upon this thing called “running”, and I’m hooked.  It works.  I like it.  I think I’ll keep it.  As long as my body says I can.

Me and the hubs. he’s always jumping in my pictures

 It took awhile for me to call myself a “runner”.  Like it was a this very prestigious title allowed only to those who actually compete in the sport and know what the heck they are doing and have been running for a gazillion years.  I do not know what the heck I am doing, and I have not been running for a gazillion years – hence the title “ms.fit runner”.  Speedwork, never did it.  Tempo runs, fartleks, blah blah blah, had to google them all when people would ask me how I trained, because I didn’t know what they meant.  I walked out my door and ran as fast as I could for as long as I had time for until I had to get back to the homestead!   Just did my own thing- and it worked.   

I have, however, been having babies for quite a few years, which is why the consistent running and training hasn’t really worked for me – until recently.  I am truly blessed to have be able to stay home with my three little loves – Alexandra is 5, Anna is 4 and Luke is 2 – and they are a handful!  It’s non-stop action in the Edwards’ household with my little monsters:)  But no more babies.  Please and thank you.  Lovely while it lasted.  Overjoyed with the little blessings that I have.  Time to MOVE ON!….enter the running life, and how wonderful it is!

Me and the fam last summer. good looking bunch I must say.

Rewind again…pre-children and all that jazz….my #2 name for the blog was going to be the “never runner mother”.  There are 3 questions I get asked the most after I run, or race.  The first is “have you always been a runner???”  my answer is always – “no, I was never a runner”.  I played sports in highschool and fitness was always very important to me, but running was not how I kept in shape.  Lets talk elliptical and stairmaster, that’s how it was done in my world back in the day.  I was working out up until the day I had each of my children and getting back to the gym asap after.   The second question is, “how long have you been running?”  Let you know when I have an answer.  Considering I’ve been populating this country from the years 2006-2010, I started consistently running after my son was born in 2010.  The third question is “why do you run?”  It’s not just running, but the racing that goes with it – it gives me a reason to run all those miles, something to work for.  I feel strong.  I feel like I’ve accomplished something.  It’s a challenge.  I feel like I’ve kept my sanity one day longer.  But in the end, it’s my hobby.  I like the shoes.  The cute running skirts.  The fun tops.  The whole shebang.  It’s a good deal.  I’m gonna go with it, and see just how far I can go…

Some pictures to get acquainted…

Scary race picture…apparently I was just going for a little stroll

I think I got stuck between a peace sign and a thumbs up –

can’t make decisions like that while running

Me and my #1 dancing queen

#2 and 3

(I’m like a chameleon- the hair changes with the seasons;))

Gansett marathon.  disaster.  one of the many running ‘learning’ experiences



Last minute 5k race.  2nd female.

Trip to Nashville to visit the sis with the mom and the girls and to run the country music marathon.  another spring disaster.  run and learn.

the answer is yes – I do have the three most beautiful children in the world:) 



Feel free to get in touch, with questions, answers, to ask me how I can possibly do it ALL and look so good doing it, anything along those lines:)


ps – this does happen to be MY blog.  I am claiming it.  whatever I say on here is my opinion and my opinion only.  I’m not super concerned whether you like it or not.  I say that in the nicest way possible.  I am VERY sarcastic, so don’t take everything I say too seriously.  with that being said, I like to have serious posts as well.  and everything in between.  I am glad you have taken the time to “check me out” on my blog and hope you like what you read.  if you don’t, there are plenty of blogs out there waiting to be read:)  Looking forward to a fun “blogging” relationship with all of you out there! 


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    • Hi!!! Thank you so much for commenting! I love when people take the time to comment, makes me feel not so much like I’m blogging to myself;-) I’m going to check out your blog now!

    • Hi! thank you so much for reading and commenting! I just had a chance to check out your blog too – I love finding new running blogs to read! Yes, I do tend to be on the sarcastic side – it works when people really get that it’s sarcastic;-)
      I hope you have a great week!

  1. Just found your blog. You are super fast! Love your blog. I have 3 kids too, and I run, so I can relate. 😉

  2. Love your blog! I don’t have kids yet, but my hubby and I are talking about it- and you’re so inspirational. I always wondered if I could balance running with the rest of my life when I have kids, and you’re a great example! 🙂

    • Hi!! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Running with children (especially when both parents run as is the case in my fam) is nothing like before children, but it is 100% doable and it becomes the norm just as much as before kids. Just takes a little more work and planning;-) Have a great night!!

  3. So glad to find your blog!! Yes, take those two weeks off. Best thing I ever did. And holy smokes you are fast and beautiful!! And 2 girls and a boy just like me. Excited to catch up on you. So glad you commented.

    • I’ve been following you for a bit and I really love your blog and your writing and I love “mom” blogs about running:) Looking forward to reading more:)

  4. you’re adorable and have such a beautiful family! I just ran my 2nd marathon last weekend and have a lot of room for improvement. hopefully inspiration from your blog can get me there 🙂

  5. Found your blog through SkinnyRunner. Love what I’m reading so far! I’m also a stay at home Momma of 3. Just getting back into running (although I was never a runner!). Looking forward to reading your blog. Still debating whether to start my own blog!

    • I really didn’t get into running until after my third, and I LOVE it, obviously:) it took me awhile to take the blog plunge, but glad I did. It’s kind of like another outlet for me, like journaling…for a lot of people to see:)

  6. Found you through SR, and you’re awesome, too. I have no kids, just dogs, but I’m not nearly as fast as you, so I guess I have no excuse. Where on the East Coast are you located? Just wondering–I’m in California so I won’t be stalking you. Love, love, love the photo of your three bunnies hanging off the gutter in front of the garage!

    • Hi! Thanks for the comment! I live in CT, really nothing exciting about this state;) I’ve never been to CA, but would love to some day. Isn’t that a great pic?!? Everyone thinks its photoshopped, but they were really hanging! Have a fabulous day:)


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